Remnant 2: Alternate Boss Kills Methods List

August 2, 2023
Learn how to unlock alternative killing methods for bosses in Remnant 2!

As you progress further into the challenging campaign of Remnant 2, you will need to fight against deadly god-like creatures including various bosses during your journey. The game offers you multiple choices and ways to kill these bosses.

This guide will tell you all about the alternate kill list for all bosses in Remnant 2.

Alternate Boss Kills Methods List

1. Ravager

The Ravager is a challenging boss that can seem intimidating at first. There are two different ways to get alternative kills. Make sure that you don’t kill the dough at the beginning of the fight to unlock alternative methods.

First, you need to shoot Ravager at the start of the boss fight and then shoot the dough as well to eliminate him mid-fight. This will unlock a weapon at the end of the fight called the Feral weapon that can deal melee damage.

Another option is to start the fight with the Ravager and leave the doe alone. Remember even a stray bullet can hit the dough so it’s better to attract its attention away from the doe.

When the Ravager hits half HP, it will go and eat the dough to become stronger. You can then kill him to get another alternative kill and get the Mericilesslong gun as a reward.

2. Night Weaver

The Nightwear is one of the first bosses that you will face in the campaign and defeating her isn’t easy given the small arena that you need to fight in.

For getting the alternative kill, you will need to equip a weapon that can deal precision damage or weak spot damage such as a pulse rifle. Since this is a two-phased battle, you will need to wait for her to summon the army of arachnids by dodging her initial attacks.

When the moment arrives, be prepared to fire at her exposed heart after the army of swarming spiders arrives. After her weak spot is exposed and she turns into an electric blue colour, you can unleash damage to reach the 2nd stage of the battle. Avoid being grabbed by her in the 2nd phase and then defeat her to get the Night Weaver’s Finger as the reward.

3. Tal Ratha

After entering N’Rud, you will face the world boss Tal Ratha who will offer you two choices: to fight him or be eaten by him. In order to get the alternative kill, choose the second option to get eaten by Tal Ratha.

This will teleport you into another realm where you need to fight against Tal Ratha in his metaphysical form. It is a completely different fight with new moves set that you can manage to win easily if you perfect your dodge timings.

Defeating Tal Ratha will reward you with the usual rewards along with the Acidic Jawbone which can be used to craft a Gas Giant.

These are all the alternative killing methods for the bosses that you will encounter during your journey in Remnants 2.

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