Realm Royale: How To Add Friends

August 26, 2022
No friends? We’ve got your back!

Ever since the new update launched new players have been swarming Realm Royale and this has sparked a lot of problems for new players. One such problem is the difficulty of adding new friends to your social and or inviting them to play.

But don’t worry we’ve got your back!

How To Add Friends On Realm Royale

To add your friends on Realm Royale is actually a pretty simple task. If you are on PC all you need to do is to press the invite button when you’re on the party screen, after that an empty prompt will pop up which says Invite to Party.

From here you will press Tab and another prompt will pop up which will allow you to add your friend by their In-Game username.

After your friend is added to the party you can access his account from the party screen and you will get an option to add them.

And that is how you add Friends on Realm Royale, a confusing but easy method, since it’s confusing many players have and are still struggling to add their friends, but this feature will probably get easier with time.