Rana Faction Guide (Wielders, Units, Buildings): Songs of Conquest

Published: 15 May 2022
Time to dive deep into the Rana Faction in Songs of Conquest.

This Dragon-filled faction is one of the 4 great factions of Songs on Conquest. These factions are different from each other but they do have their similarities. Knowing what the units, wielders, and which builds work for this faction is key to winning a game.

This guide will show you all you need to know about the Rana Faction in Songs of Conquest.

Rana Faction Guide (Wielders, Units, Buildings): Songs of Conquest


The units of Rana are very interesting. There are a total of 8 units which can be upgraded to a higher tier unit. One of these 8 units is not upgradable, and they go in their table by rarity.

These units are mainly focusing on 3 different essences, they are:

  • Creation
  • Arcana
  • Destruction

The Hunters are the first units on the list and these troops are mobile units that don’t deal as much damage but are still good for starting units. Their health and defense are not great.

Overall these units are used to get around the area much quicker.

The upgraded version of the hunters is the Storm Guards. These units get doubled status effects and gain an additional ability called “Defend”. This ability gives them an additional +30 Defense.

These units also get the Stealthy ability which allows them to get away from certain situations easily without getting damaged.

The next unit on the list is the Shamans. Shamans are not great at dealing damage but they have venomous. Venomous will stack poison damage to enemies and kill them much quicker. This is good if you want to bring more shamans to the field and stack venomous.

Sages are the upgraded version of the Shamans. These units have doubled status effects and they get an additional ability called “Inspiring” which offers:

  • Give Friendly units within 1 hexagons: +5 Melee Offense, +5 Ranged Offence, +5 Initiative.

The Guards are non-mobile tanking units that are low in movement speed, but they have great defense stats. His main purpose is to guard the area.

The guard can give +10 Defense to a friendly unit within 1 hexagon.

Protectors are the upgraded version of the Guards and they have doubled status effects and gain an additional ability called “Protect”. This ability gives:

  • +25 Defense to an additional friendly unit within 1 hexagon.

Ravagers are the next units on the list. These are the fastest units in the faction that deal great damage based on the steps it makes. They have an ability called “Charger” which gives them +10 Melee Offense received from each step.

The Rider of the Swamp is the upgraded version of the Ravagers. They get double status effects and an additional ability called “Wait”. This ability will postpone your turn.

The Crawlers are the next units on the list, these slow high damage-dealing units are important as they have a good skill called “Intimidating”. This skill will debuff enemies within 1 hexagon with:

  • -10 Defense
  • -10 Initiative

The Adult Crawlers are the upgraded version of the Crawlers, they get double status effects, and the ability to wait. Meaning that they can postpone your turn.

Great units for late-game offense fights.

The Tremor is the next non-upgradable unit of this faction. This is a musician unit that gives the Dragon Roar ability. This is a damaging ability that debuffs the enemies with the following:

  • -10 Defense against an enemy
  • -5 Initiative against an enemy

The Tremor also has the Intimidating ability which debuffs the enemies with -10 Defence and -10 Initiative.

The Chelun units are not the greatest units in this faction. They have great damage and defense, but their movement speed is low, making them an easy unit to kill and avoid. The normal version also get the Shielded ability which grants them +50% Ranged Resistance.

The Chelun Elder is the upgraded version of the Chelun and their status effects are doubled. They also get an extra ability called “Charge Essence” which generates the unit’s essence for the wielder.

The Eth’Dra is the last unit in the faction. This ranged fireball firing unit can shoot and spice things up on the battlefield. You can stack up to 10 troops which are great for AOE damage.

These troops have the Ambush ability that does:

  • Attack the first enemy moving into your Deadly Range

This is good because they can switch targets quick and easy.

The upgraded version of the Eth’Dra is the Dragon. This unit gets triple the status effects and gains 5 different abilities:

  • Wait: Postpone your Turn
  • Inspiring: Give friendly units within 1 hexagon +5 Melee Offense, +5 Ranged Offense, +5 Initiative
  • Reach: +1 Melee range
  • Flame Attacks: Attacks also deal damage to troops behind the target
  • Intimidating: Give enemy units within 1 hexagon -10 Defense, -10 Initiative

Every single stat for this unit is great and is worth the time and resources.


When it comes to wielders, this faction has some good ones and some bad ones. It all comes down to how you want to play your game and there is not a special perfect combination for wielders.

You need to open up the Tutorials & Codex menu and read out what each wielder does and what their skills do. After that, choose your top 3 wielders and destroy the opponents.

The wielders for the Rana faction are:

  • Cheekham
  • Itchamo
  • M’Sugna
  • P’Cha
  • R’Lac
  • Rasc
  • Rik-Tap
  • Sla-Kin
  • T’Chyra


As you play through the game, you will unlock certain buildings. Each of these buildings require resource materials and gold.

NOTE that gold is not the main resource in this game, Wood and Stone are also important which you will need to use in order to create more builds and have a better research.

The buildings are divided into three different sections, they are:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

The Small building section has 7 total builds that you can create, they are:

  • Lean-To
  • Shaman Tent
  • Fungus Farm
  • Diggers
  • Gatherers
  • Lookout Tower
  • Spawning Pool

In this section, it’s great to begin making diggers and gatherers in order to begin collecting resources for future builds.

The medium building section has a total of 4 different builds:

  • Mud Huts
  • Beast Corpal
  • Chelun Sanctuary
  • The Exchange

Tier three or the large building section has a total of 3 builds that you can select, they are:

  • Smoldering Cave
  • Dragon Pyramid
  • Birthing Pools