Raft: Where Is the Trading Post

June 22, 2022
Check out this guide to find out where the trading posts are located in Raft!

Raft is a cool adventure game where you will explore different chapters while you are on this small little raft. During your exploration, you will stumble upon islands and find materials under the ocean that will help you grow your raft and make it bigger. You can trade fish in this game to get trading coins and get more and more materials at the trading posts in this game!

This guide will show you where trading posts are located in Raft.

Raft: Where Is the Trading Post

When you start the game, you will not be able to have any trading posts unlocked. To begin unlocking them, you will need to start progressing through the main missions in the game until you reach “Temperance #9386”.

Once you’ve reached to this point in the game, you will begin unlocking snowy islands and trading posts. On most snowy islands, you will notice small wooden structures that have a cashier there.

The cashier is where the trading post is located and where you can trade/sell items to.

From this point on, as you progress even further into the game and unlock newer islands, these trading posts will become more common and allow you to trade certain fish for trading materials and get better in Raft.