Raft: Varuna Point 6277 (Full Walkthrough & Guide)

Published: 22 Jun 2022
Check out the latest Veruna Point 6277 in the final Chapter of Raft.

Raft is a cool adventure game where you will explore different chapters while you are on this small little raft. During your exploration, you will stumble upon islands and find materials under the ocean that will help you grow your raft and make it bigger. Be careful of underground sharks!

This guide will show you everything about Veruna Point 6277 in the final Chapter of Raft.

Raft: Varuna Point 6277 (Full Walkthrough & Guide)

The Veruna Point 6277 is the final area that you can explore in the final chapter of Raft.

For this adventure you will need 3 most important essential items, those items are:

  • Oxygen
  • Zipline
  • Fins

As you make your way to the area, park to the side and begin climbing the small platforms. Your mission here is to get to the top of the crane. As you explore this area, watch out for smaller animals that will be hard to avoid.

To continue getting up to the top, you will need to do some parkour. Get on top of a small yellow crane and jump on top of the stone pillars that will lead you to the upper platform.

As you get to the operating room of the crane, you will notice that a key is missing. To get the key, you will need to jump down inside the water and circle around the whole structure until you find shining light and a ton of jellyfish surrounded by that light.

At that light, you will see an entrance which you can enter the building from and begin looking for the key.

Be careful as you enter this area, it’s filled with pirana-looking fish.

Look for spotlight parts in this area, those spotlight items can be picked up and used.

Once you’ve collected the items there, look for another spotlight and activate it. The next one should be just below the first one. Activating it will remove all the jellyfish which are covering the hole.

Enter that area and follow the path until you reach a tight room where you can obtain the motherload key and a blueprint to the advanced headlight.

With the motherload key now obtained, it’s time to search for the motherload itself. Look for a small map in the same area where you’ve found the key. That is where the motherload is located.

Continue going down the area until you find a garage that you can open up by using the key. Continue swimming inside and continue exploring the motherload area.

Approaching the other side of the tunnel will lead you to a garage door with a giant letter G on it. Get close to it and a big explosion will happen. That is when you will reveal the Giant Rhino Shark.

This is where the boss fight between you and the rhino shark will happen. To defeat the shark, you will need to get explosive barrels, place them in pillars where they are broken in the middle and lure the shark there until it dies.

When the shark has been killed, make sure to loot it as it has a ton of resources to give you and a great trophy that looks like this.

After that, go to the office upstairs where the crane area is. Look around it and you will find the crane key on the table, as well as the wind turbine blueprint.

With the key now obtained, head back to the crane and activate it. The crane will pull a big building out of the water. This is the part where you will use the zip line to make your way to the other building and start exploring.

Inside that building, you will find a note, a briefcase with some materials inside and an advanced battery blueprint.