Raft: How to Unlock All NEW Characters

Published: 23 Jun 2022
Check out this guide to find out how you can unlock all new characters in Raft!

Raft is a great adventure survival game where you start your journey on a small wooden raft and will need to collect random scavenged materials in order to grow your raft into a bigger boat and make surviving much better. During your adventure, you will unlock new characters as you progress through the game.

This guide will show you how to unlock all new characters in Raft!

Raft: How to Unlock All NEW Characters

Currently there have been added a total of 4 new characters that all can be unlocked in different regions by doing specific tasks, these characters are:

  • Tala
  • Johnny
  • Elaine
  • Shogo

Tala (Radio Tower)

When you reach chapter 3 at the radio tower, begin climbing on top of boxes and structures on the right side.

When you make your way to this area, enter the first room that you see on your left side.

Inside the building you will need to enter the first door that you see, it should be a small storage area with a staircase inside of it. Go up the staircase and follow the path until you reach the rooftop of the structure.

Follow the red lines on the image until you get to the ladder marked on the image.

Once you’ve made it to the upper area, follow the ladder that will get you to the top of the radio tower. Simply follow the red lines presented on the image to make your way up.

Follow the ladders and at the top, you will find Tala who is resting on her desk. Speaking with her will unlock her as a playable character.

Johnny (Balboa Island)

For your next character, you will need to head over to Balboa Island. Type down the coordinates for traveling and head to your desired location.

Simply continue going straight forward at Balboa Island when you reach it and continue going until you reach a sign.

When you’ve reached the sign, turn left and continue going in that direction until you come across the edge of the mountain. This area will be the area where the motherload spawn is located.

Follow this path and hold the right side of the wall until you find an entrance to a cave where you have firstly used the machete to get past the vines.

Pass the cave, get on the other side of it and you will notice a giant tower on the left side. Get to the top of the tower and inside the building, laying down on a bed, you will notice Johnny. Speak with him to unlock this character.

Elaine (Tangeroa Island)

Put the coordinates to Tangeroa Island and make your way there. To unlock this character, you will need to have the story completed fully for an area to be unlocked and have access to.

Enter this object where the top had blown off previously. On one of the chairs in the middle of the structure, you will notice Elaine strapped there. Speak with her to unlock her.

Shogo (Temperance Island)

Slap the coordinates to Temperance Island. Once you are inside the area where you must wear a suit, go to the right side and into the area where everything is frozen.

Inside the next room that you enter, you will see a life line screen that you can use. Interact with the screen and Shogo will fall off a container.

Get close to Shogo and speak with him. Speaking with Shogo will allow you to unlock him and play with this character.