Raft: Chapter 3 Temperance Ice Island Walkthrough & Guide

June 22, 2022
Check out this guide if you want to know about Temperance Ice Island Walkthrough in Raft Chapter 3!

Raft is a survival game where the main mission is to survive an epic oceanic adventure while gathering different resources, expanding your raft, and countering the dangers of the ocean. Finally, after the long chapter 2, here comes chapter 3 with even more adventures, 3 new locations, and plenty of new enemies. We will talk about the second island which brings us into an arctic climate, a large island covered in snow and ice.

In this guide, we will show you Temperance Ice Island Walkthrough in Raft Chapter 3!

Raft: Chapter 3 Temperance Ice Island Walkthrough & Guide

Arriving at Temperance Island

When you approach the island, it will look like a little cove, and it is most likely like a circular island. It is all covered with ice and snow.

The first thing that you might notice is the radio tower. The radio tower is really important because you can grab an electrical wire from all of the stations around the map. These cables will be useful later for the village that you will find.

Once you get your first electrical cable, you will find the snowmobile but you will find them on the map more consistently. They are located in a little garage, looking like a hangar.

Find the Igloo village

If you make a full circle around the island and collect all the electrical wires, you will come back into a village. Here your first job will be to connect each station to its power resource, using the cables that you collect earlier.

You connect one station, and from the connection, grab another cable and connect it to the next station. If you run out of cable you can run again around the island and grab it from the radio towers.

The actual goal is to power the middle and power up the center of the village.

Blueprints and Blowtorch

Inside the buildings, you will have two things, a blueprint for the advanced Biofuel refinery which uses titanium to make, and also you are going to find a blowtorch which is located on the second floor in one of the buildings.

Find the Observatory

After you finish with the village, you can ride the snowmobile and head to the west side, and keep going to the left of the island. Don’t get on the ice, just stay on the snow.

In this direction, you will find the observatory which looks like a big ball and there is a big front area in front of it.

To get inside the observatory, you have to find an area where the ice is collapsed down and has a path going underground. Make your way down and jump into the water.

Keep swimming through the tight tunnel and you will come to a ladder that takes you up to the entrance of the observatory.

The first thing that you have once you enter the room is a puzzle. You are going to find some posted notes up top that have 4 different pictures.

Your job is to find the consolation that matches these pictures and figure out how many stars each has, then you will put them in order from 1 to 4 and that should be the code.

Once you solve this, the safe will open where you will find a blueprint for the advanced stationary anchor and the Selene Key which is for the reactor or the radiation station.

Radiation Station

Once you get the key, you have to make your way to the radiation station, where the two glowing things are lighting the sky.

At the entrance, you will want to use the blowtorch to melt the ice and then use the Selene key to open the entrance.

Once you enter inside, there is a control panel in the middle, and around it is three cylinders where you have to deliver some stuff.

Also in the room, you will find a HazMat suit that you will have to use to protect you from the radiation. Each of them has a timer and you have to make sure to change it in time to prevent damage from the radiation.

Once you wear the suit, you will have to make your way to laboratory 2 where another puzzle begins.

You will find three computers where you have to put a 2-digit code. Each computer has its own letters next to it, and you have to find the poster on the walls inside the laboratory and type the number from the poster to the computer with the same letters.

Make sure to be faster because the laboratory is with radiation and your suit has a timer on it.

After you solve the codes on the three computers, the back door in the laboratory will open and brings you to the next area.

In the beginning you will notice another HazMat suit where you have to replace your old suit, and then head to the next area which is right across from the HazMat suit closet.

You will come to the lower section full of radiation where you have to follow the path and the big pipes that will bring you to a valve that you have to switch.  At the same time, you might be attacked by a big spider.

Once you switch the valve, you will unlock another door that will bring you to another room where you will find the Laser Maze. The point here is to point the mirrors in correct way to reflect the laser and burn the lock.

After that, go back to the control room with the three cylinders and pull the lever crank and it will spill out a key that is for the reactor room. Use that key and go to the reactor, put on your new HazMat suit, and be ready for a fight.

You have to kill all the spiders and stop the reactor that will open another gate for you.

Going through the tunnel, you will find some blueprints and different items, and then when you enter the final room you will find a guy called Shogo who will tell you everything about the reactors.