Raft: Caravan Town All Notes and Blueprints

July 7, 2022
Check out this guide to collect all the notes and blueprints in Caravan Town!

Raft is an open-world survival game where players need to create their own raft to sail through the ocean alone or with their friends. In this guide, we will tell you the location of all the notes and blueprints in Caravan Town.

Raft: Caravan Town All Notes and Blueprints

Caravan Town Notes Location

There are a total of 9 Notes and 6 Blueprints that you can find in Caravan Town. Following are the locations where you will find all the blueprints.

To find the first note, go straight from the port and then climb the wooden stairs on the left and then use the purple ladders on the right. You will find the note lying on a table in the corridor.

For the second note, continue further ahead from the location of the first note and you will see colourful stairs ahead. Turn around and then climb the blue ladder behind you and then jump to climb the wooden stairs. You will find the notes lying on the counter next to the stove.

The third note can be found in the area where there are plenty of broken Caravans forming a circle. You will need to enter the Caravan with white and red stripes next to the sign saying Canned Goods. Here you will find the note lying in the left corner of the kitchen counter.

You will find the fourth note after climbing the small wooden bridge on your right. There you will need to enter the Caravan with a red flag on the top. Enter inside to collect the note lying on the table in the centre.

To find the fifth note, go behind the Caravan and jump the fencing to reach the edge of the cliff.

Here you will need to reach the other side by crossing the rope and getting to the wooden board on your left. Climb down the blue ladder and you will find the note lying on the ground beside the plastic containers.

The sixth note can be found lying on a wooden board near the edge of the cliff where the rocket is located. From the previous note location, climb the blue ladder and then turn left where the Green Caravan is located. Head past the Caravan and you will find the note next to the rocket.

To find the seventh note, jump down from the cliff where the rocket is located and swim towards the right. You will soon come across a large tower, get to the shore and you will find the note lying next to the broken cycle.

For the eighth note, you will need to climb the large tower and after you reach the top, use the zipline to reach the other side. Go down the stairs and you will notice some Caravans stacked on top of one another next to a bunch of pigs. Now climb the caravan and use the key to access the Infirmary key. You will find the Infirmary key by diving underwater where the 7th note is located. Inside the Infirmary, the note and the Mayor’s key will be lying on the table on your left.

Finally, for the ninth key, you will need to climb the large tower again and you will notice a building with a Mayor sign on it. Use the zipline to descend and enter the building. Inside you will find a chest in the corner, use the key to open it and collect the note inside.

Caravan Town Blueprints location

The first Blueprint can be found on a big island next to the Tower and Town C.Use Explosive Powder to launch the Rocket and follow it to the small island on the right.

Climb the Caravans to get to the top of the island and there you will find the first blueprint attached to a doll. This will give you the blueprint for the Fireworks.

To find the second blueprint, dive inside the water next and follow the pipes where the big tower is located. This is the same place where you found the 7th note.

If you hurry then you can dive inside the water without any oxygen bottle however you will need to avoid the puffer fish. Once you get to the bottom, you will find the blueprint for the Metal Detector inside the blue container. You will also find the Infirmary key lying next to it.

The third and fourth blueprints for the Zipline tool can be found at the top of the tower. You will need to find and collect 3 Ziplines parts first and trade them to create the Zipline tool at the workstation. These parts are scattered all across Caravan’s Town.

Finally, the fifth and sixth blueprints are inside the Mayor’s house. You will need to use the Zipline from the tower to reach there.

Inside the house, you will find the Battery charger blueprint on the left table however you will need to collect 3 battery charger parts and exchange them to get the blueprint.

The blueprint for Engine Controls can be collected from the chest lying in the corner. You will need the Mayor’s key to open it which can be found inside the Infirmary.

Opening the chest will give you the blueprint for the Engine Controls.

That’s it, these are all the notes and blueprints that you can collect in Caravan Town!