Queen’s Gate All Collectibles Guide – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Published: 25 Mar 2022
Time to find all collectibles in Queen’s Gate and get 100% progression!

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has a variety of hidden collectibles all around the map. This is a way for the game to interact with the player even more if he wants to gain 100% progression in the game. Some collectibles are easy to spot, some are hidden on rooftops and some balconies.

This guide will show you all collectibles locations in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Queen’s Gate All Collectibles – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

To gain 100% progress for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands in Queens Gate, you will need to collect the following collectibles:

  • 15 Queen’s Gate Lucky Dice
  • Queen’s Gate Lucky Scroll ( Rebellions are Hard Work, Funny Story, Thief Thoughts)
  • Queen’s Gate Lost Marble
  • Queen’s Gate Poetry Page
  • Queen’s Gate Rune Switch
  • Queen’s Gate Ancient Obelisk
  • Goblins in the Garden Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands (Quest)
  • A Farmer’s Ardor Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands (Quest)

Once everything has been collected in the following order, the Queen’s Gate progress will turn to 100%.

Lucky Dice #1

When you reach this area, you will see a wooden house that has a small pier behind it. The Lucky Dice will be located right on the edge of the pier.

Lucky Dice #2

To find the Lucky Dice you first must find a house where its rooftop is burning. On the side of the rooftop, you are able to climb up the house and jump down on the balcony where the Lucky Dice can be collected.

Lucky Dice #3

To obtain this Lucky Dice, you will need to drop down a cliff and look north. In front of you, there will be an open gate and the Lucky Dice will stand right on the edge of the cliff.

Queen’s Gate Scroll #1 (Rebellions Are Hard Work)

This scroll will be located in a small shack right next to a castle. Inside on your left, you will see the scroll placed on a table.

Lucky Dice #4

The lucky dice will be located on a small farm and placed on a balcony.

Lucky Dice #5

To get this collectible, you must enter a small cave where the dice will be visible from outside. It is located right next to the third dice.

Lucky Dice #6

To get this dice you will need to enter a cave where there will be a small campfire. Right next to the campfire the lucky dice will be floating.

Lost Marble #1

The marble on the map is marked as a green ball that has smoke coming out of it, get to this exact location and melee the ball.

Lucky Dice #7

This collectible can be found floating on top of a wooden crate.

Queen’s Gate Scroll #2 (Funny Story)

The location for this scroll can be found on top of some wooden boxes once you pass the wooden bridge.

Lucky Dice #8

The collectible can be found right inside the castle. The exact location of the dice will be right at the edge of the cliff of the castle where some fire is burning.

Queen’s Gate Scroll #3 (Thief’s Thoughts)

This scroll can be found right inside the castle, placed on a wooden box that is right next to some chests.

Lucky Dice #9

Go west towards the edge of the map where at the end of the cliff you will find this collectible.

Lucky Dice#10

The dice can be seen standing on a pillar where you will need to jump to. There is a platform from where you will sprint and jump to get to the collectible.

Queen’s Gate Poetry Page

This poetry page will be marked on the map as a green scroll. The page will be located right on top of a wooden crate and it will shine with golden particles.

Lucky Dice #11-12

In this area, you will find two lucky dice. The first one will be located on your left when you are facing the broken bridge on your southern side. The second dice will be located right onto the broken bridge.

Queen’s Gate Rune Switch

The rune switch will be marked on the map as 3 green horizontally placed runes. To get to them, firstly you must get on a wooden box and jump on a flat rooftop where you will be able to make a jump towards the watermill house.

From the watermill house balcony, jump on the hay bales and proceed going up towards the rooftop and eventually reaching the Rune Switch.

Lucky Dice #13

This collectible can be found on a balcony in a wooden house. To get to the balcony, climb the backside of the house, which is a part of the rooftop, make your way to the top of the house and slowly descend, and get to the dice.

Queen’s Gate Lost Marble #2

The Lost Marble will be displayed as a green ball on the map, to get to it you must enter the castle where there will be a half-opened wooden gate.

Once you are inside, be careful because the place is filled with traps and it will try to kill you.

Lucky Dice #14

This collectible can be found on the edge of the map on the southern point. Go there where you will find the dice.

Lucky Dice #15

This collectible can be located on the southern point of the map, right on the cliff of the playable area, you will see the lucky dice floating.

Queen’s Gate Ancient Obelisk

The ancient obelisk will be marked on the map as a green tower. It is located close to the last lucky dice. Before you activate the pillar, it will be all normal with light green shiny markings on it.

Once you come close to it, you will be able to activate the ancient obelisk, where those green shiny markings will turn purple and the obelisk will raise and begin to spawn monsters that you need to kill.

Goblins in the Garden Quest

Once everything has been collected. The Goblins in the Garden Quest will be available. This quest can be found in the middle of the map and marked with a yellow exclamation point.

Speak with Alma and she will tell you that her garden has been infested by goblins.

Right behind her house, a purple circle will be marked on your map, where the goblins may be. Simply walk towards the garden and kill all the goblins.

After killing all the goblins, you will need to collect 10 Goblin Teeth and return to Alma and report the situation.

Finishing the quest will award you 4195 cash.

A Farmer’s Ardor Quest

When you complete the Goblins in the Garden quest. The next quest called “A Farmer’s Ardor” will begin. To start this quest, go to the back of the house where Alma was and right next to the farm you will meet Flora.

Your quest will begin by taking some flowers from Flora and giving them to Alma as a present.

Flora will then send you on a journey to find a goblin loincloth. You will be given a few blue-marked pin points on the map that you need to follow until you reach the right location.

The trail will lead you to “The Rampant Parts”. Here you will need to kill some goblins until the Goblin Loincloth drops.

The next objective will be to find the stinkiest loincloth. Another area will be marked on the map where you will need kill some more goblins and obtain the item.

The next objective of the quest will be to find Grimble and kill him, also you will need to find the dankiest goblin loincloth.

After that objective is done, head back to Flora where she will need you to go and collect Polka Dot Dye.

The first location will take you to a catapult where you need to shoot the bullseye and launch yourself towards Honor’s Tower. At that location, you will have a marked area where the polka dot eye can be obtained.

Once you finish all the objectives, a list of other small simple objectives will be given to you, finish them until you reach the Flora’s farm again and finish the quest.

Once everything has been completed, you will unlock Queen’s Gate with 100% progression.