PUBG: Steam Taego Secret Room Locations

Published: 29 Jul 2022
One of the best loots is hiding inside the Steam Taego Secret Rooms!

You can find plenty of loots in PUBG but the best ones are always somewhere hidden. Most of them are locked in a secret room and it requires some key in order to open the room and get your loot. In PUBG you can find many Taego secret rooms and we will show you how and where.

This guide will show you all Steam Taego Secret Room Locations in PUBG!

PUBG: Steam Taego Secret Room Locations

For sure you have ever opened a secret room in PUBG and know how it goes on. Most of the hidden rooms are nicely hidden around the map which will keep you busy and entertained looking for them.

But, first of all, you have to find your secret room key before you make your way to look for the rooms. Once you have it, you are good to go and unlock the rooms where the loot is waiting for you.

We have found all locations of the Taego Secret Rooms for you, and you can find it marked on the image below.

There is a total of 15 Steam Taego secret rooms scattered on the map, and to recognize them easily, they all look alike.

You can spot the roof because it is bright blue on one side, and covered with a large canvas on the other side.