PUBG: Looting Guide | What To Loot & Where

July 21, 2022
Check out this guide to loot items quickly and efficiently in PUBG!

PUBG PC is a popular battle royale game where players need to drop in various locations, loot weapons and armour to survive and become the last man standing. This guide will tell you everything about looting in the game.

PUBG: Looting Guide | What To Loot & Where

In a battle royale game such as PUBG, you will be looting items in every match so it’s important to be efficient at picking up items from the ground. It’s necessary to improve this skill as gearing up faster means you will be able to get ready and quickly deal with enemy threats, position yourself better and get into the action to have fun.

Therefore, it’s important to know what to loot, when to loot and where to loot in the game to minimize the time scavenging for gears and supplies.

Having a nice balance of heals,ammos and throwables will help you deal with any situation you get into. A good medkit healing setup consists of 1 medkit, 4 first aids, 5-10 bandages and 5-6 booster drinks.

Carrying a lot of boosters will help you stay boosted for longer and also if you carrying EMT gear and healing your teammates then having extra medkits and first aids can be really handy,

When it comes to ammo, a good basic amount of ammo for a fully automatic weapon is somewhere between 150 to 250 rounds. Do note that some weapons have a very high rate of fire and will deplete your ammo faster than others.

When carrying something like M416, it’s better to carry a full magazine with 130+ rounds to spare because you also need ammo for your secondary weapon.

Choosing a 7.62 DMR as your secondary with a 5.56 main weapon can be heavy on your carrying capacity as you will typically require 100 spare rounds for the DMR.

However, if the ammo of your main and secondary weapon match then you will have natural overlap meaning that you will need fewer rounds and have more inventory space to spare.

This is the reason why having M416 and Mini 14 is such a versatile setup since it follows the principle of having the same ammo type. Balancing your ammo well will give you more inventory space for throwables and a good mix of throwables is advisable.

However, if you play in duos or squads, you will typically need more smokes to provide concealment for injured teammates.

A good setup will be having 2 Grenades, 2 Flashes,1 Molotov and 1-2 Smokes for the solo mode. As long as you have a good mix of throwables, you will have something that can be used in every combat situation.

Throwables are something you should carry as much as possible without compromising on heals and ammo so getting a bit light on the ammo can be beneficial in fitting that extra grenade in your inventory.

Just don’t forget to keep your Stun Grenades or C4 in your throwables slot as this slot does not consume the inventory space allowing you to carry more.

In PUBG, you can loot items by pressing the interact key (F) or you can open your inventory and drag items from the loot source to the inventory or right-click.

There are very specific and important situations to use these different ways of looting, interact key looting or F key looting for PC players is extremely good to use when looting on the move.

Running through a room and pressing F on an item will be faster than opening your inventory but the downside is that it requires accuracy to pick up the correct item and sometimes you might pick up a smaller item instead that was hidden under the item that you intended to pick up.

For looting is also beneficial to use when enemy threats are present nearby and you don’t want to risk getting caught with your inventory screen opened.

Looting from the ground using inventory screen looting is more reliable and faster when picking up large quantities of loot. There is an extremely important tip for looting from the ground fast that will make you able to get a gun early faster than your enemy and will also speed up your looting.

The trick is to right-click the first item you loot and drag the rest, right-clicking starts the animation but dragging does not so they overlap and allow you to loot faster. Never right-click more than one item from the ground and only right-click the first to avoid being limited from having to wait for the looting animation.

On the other hand, when looting from player crates or loot drops, you will want to use a right click only to get your loot faster.

Another looting shortcut is holding alt and right-click to pick up or drop half a stack of items. This is often the fastest way to balance out the quantity of items in your inventory.

Now that we have figured out what to loot and how to loot, the main thing to decide is where to loot. Prioritize large open buildings such as warehouses since they have no doors and the open spaces allow you to quickly assess the loot available enabling fast and efficient looting.

Some of the notorious and famous generic loot buildings in the game are as follows:

In Erangel, this two-story building provides the highest density of loot and is considered the best generic building to loot.

The Miramar equivalent is this construction building as it is fast to loot and has high density loot spawns.

In other maps, you can consider the big open warehouses and mostly avoid the small narrow buildings to get gear fast.

You will also find these blue circles on the Taego map and these zones are areas where you will find weapons that normally only spawn on other maps such as the QBZ or QBU which are generally available on Sanhok.

That’s everything you need to know about looting in PUBG. Now go ahead and use these tricks to loot items quickly and efficiently in the game!