PS5: How To Record Video Clips Up To 1 Hour Long

September 19, 2022
Save your PS5 gameplay highlights!

There is no reason as to why the PS5 is dominating the console market as it has a great amount of features and games. One of these features is the ability to record your game. You can save these videos on your PS5 and even share it with people online. You can show your friends the funny or insane moments you experienced while gaming! While the length of a clip can vary, the maximum length of time would be an hour.

Here’s a guide detailing how to record PS5 video clips an hour long!

How To Record Video Clips Up To 1 Hour Long on PS5

The first step is to press the share button on your PS5 controller. It can be found on the top right in between the d-pad and the touch pad.

The Sharing and Broadcast menu will appear. This contains all of the settings and information you will need when saving videos or broadcasting media.

In the middle, you can see three icons. Press the one on the right.

This lets you choose the length of the video you want to record.

Choosing “Save Short  Clip” will record a video that lasts up to a maximum of 5 minutes.

For a longer video, you need to choose “Save Full Video”. This lets you record a video that reaches up to an hour.

While in the middle of recording, you can press the Share button again to show you how long you have been recording for. It also shows you the option to stop your recording.

Now you know how to record video clips on your PS5!