Project Zomboid: Weapons Tier List (Guns And Melee Weapons)

June 24, 2023
Don’t know which weapon is good and which isn’t in Project Zomboid? Check out this tier list to find out which one you need to use.

In Project Zomboid you have a lot of weapons that you can choose from. You will also find random weapons on the ground, in buildings, and inside sheds. These weapons are different from each other and they will outperform each other in different scenarios.

That is why in this guide, we will show you a complete tier list of all the melee weapons and guns that are available in Project Zomboid.

Weapons Tier List (Guns And Melee Weapons)

For both the Guns and the Melee weapons we will create two tables and add the following tiers for them:

  • S Tier (Best One)
  • A Tier
  • B Tier
  • C Tier
  • F Tier (Worst One)

Do note that these weapons can get changed in future updates but for now, here if our tier list for the weapons that you can use in Project Zomboid.


So all of the guns in Project Zomboid are different and most of them use different types of ammunition.

The shotguns in Project Zomboid are the most common and the best weapons that you can use.

In this list you also have Assault Rifles and regular Guns.

S TierDouble Barrel ShotgunJS-2000 ShotgunSawn-Off JS-2000 
A TierSawn-Off Double Barrel ShotgunM-14 Rifle  
B TierM-1911M-625 RevolverM-16 Assault RifleMSR-700 88 Rifle
C TierMagnumM-9MSR-700 Rifle 
F TierDE PistolM-36 Revolver  

Difference Between Tiers

Now what separates the S tier and the A Tier from all the other tiers are some following factors:

  • Weapon Jamming
  • Loudness
  • Effectiveness
  • Accuracy
  • Speed
  • Rarity

What is really good about the S-Tier and the A-Tier weapons is that they are not that hard to find around the whole map and they can outperform different weapons pretty well.

The B, C, and F-tier weapons are not that great and some of them can be pretty common to find around the map.

However, don’t let that get your hopes up as they can lead you into a very bad situation where you will need to run away from a giant horde of zombies that are going to come your way as well as kill you much faster.

The reason that these weapons have been placed into the lower tiers is that they are exposed to a lot of jamming, they are loud, not accurate, and can simply lead you into more trouble and not help you in a way that you want to.

Melee Weapons

When it comes to melee weapons in Project Zomboid, there are a ton of them. These melee weapons are almost anything that you can hold with your hands and swing it against a zombie.

Whether it is a sword or a frying pan, it will help you out so much whenever you are cornered.

The Melee Weapons in Project Zomboid will be used more commonly rather than the guns because you will need to be quiet and not attract other zombies. That’s what these melee weapons are for.

The tier list here will be also the same as the guns, we will have the following tiers:

  • S Tier (Best One)
  • A Tier
  • B Tier
  • C Tier
  • F Tier (Worst One)

Without further ado, let’s sort all of these weapons and give them their rightful place!

S TierRegular AxeCrowbarSpiked Baseball BatNight StickHunting KnifeGarden Fork     
A TierHand AxePickaxeBaseball BatShovelLead PipeKatanaMacheteCrafted SpearKnife SpearMachete Spear 
B TierGuitarSnow ShovelClub HammerFrying PanRegular HammerWooden HammerPipe WrenchWrenchRegular KnifeScrewdriver 
C TierCrafted AxeWood AxeBarbellGolf ClubSledgehammerMetal BarCleaverCrafted Knife   
F TierBroomFishing PolePlankSpiked PlankCrafted HammerPlungerRolling PinForkHand ScytheScissorsBroken Bottle

Difference Between Melee Weapon Tiers

As you can see in the table above, there are A LOT of melee weapons that you will find in Project Zomboid. Do note that most of the F-tier weapons will be weapons of last resort.

If you find yourself in any situation where you have a plank with you and nothing else, use it as it will help you kill an incoming zombie faster.

The S tier and the A Tier weapons are the most durable weapons that you can find as well as they have long ranges and deal an absurd amount of damage.

Remember, in melee fights, you always want to have the upper hand and have more distance and reach to your enemies.

Always try to keep your distance and don’t make fights close and personal with any zombie.

The B, C, and F-Tier weapons are not as effective as the other ones, they are more common and not that durable.

You also need to keep in mind that most of these weapons are heavy and will slow you down. Make your choice wisely with these melee weapons as you want something light, durable, and that deals damage.


And just like that, we managed to set up a complete tier list for all the weapons in Project Zomboid.

Do note that you will be using melee weapons more often than guns. And also remember that some of the S-Tier weapons will require you to pass a couple of days in order for them to be available on the map.

Until then, grab a frying pan and start slapping those zombies to death.

We hope this guide helped you figure out which weapons are good and which aren’t in Project Zomboid. Remember that all of the F-Tier weapons are your last resort weapons and will sometimes be the most helpful weapon out there.

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