Project Zomboid: Something Doesn’t Feel Right

June 23, 2023
Learn how to recover from Discomfort in Project Zomboid!

Project Zomboid features a Moodle system that informs players about the current status of their character by showing messages. If you are experiencing a similar message on your screen that reads “Something, doesn’t feel right..” then you are in the right place.

This guide will tell how to fix this moodle in Project Zomboid.

Something Doesn’t Feel Right

Moodles are messages that indicate the current well-being and emotional state of your character and these are displayed in the top right corner of the screen.

When your character is uncomfortable, the message “Something doesn’t feel right” will appear on the screen. This indicates that your player is mildly injured and losing health.

Discomfort is the first stage of injury you will experience after taking damage. This occurs when you get a slight injury due to scratches, carrying too many items in your backpack or due to some other reason.

Your character can also face Discomfort if he becomes sick and in that case, you will need to remedy it by doing the following:

  • Taking Rest
  • Eating properly
  • Staying in a warm or cool place
  • Carrying a limited number of items

While there are no additional effects faced due to Discomfort, it generally occurs when your health drops below 80%. You can also feel Discomfort if you get sick due to the Zombie Virus and there is no cure in this case

Since there is no direct way of removing the Discomfort effect, you will need to recover your character’s health by using bandages to remove it. As the condition of your character improves, all stages of injury will be gradually erased.

However, in case you face Discomfort after falling from a building or carrying too many items then you will need to take some rest for the injury to disappear.

That’s it, now go ahead and follow these steps to recover your character!

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