Project Zomboid: How To Add Your Own Music

November 11, 2022
Integrate your favorite music in the game by following this guide!

Adding your own music to certain games just makes the experience more personalized and ultimately more immersive. The same is true with Project Zomboid. After all, who wouldn’t want to bash some zombie brains in while their favorite tunes are playing? It is just more fun that way.

So, how do you add your own music to Project Zomboid? Is it even possible to do? Read on as we answer those questions of yours.

How to Add Your Own Music – Project Zomboid

To add your own music in Project Zomboid, you must first integrate a mod that enables you to do just that in the game itself. Here is one, for example: True Music [41.73].

This mod allows users to add their music to the game itself. On top of that, they are also allowed to add their own vinyl covers, making it the one-stop-mod for all music fans currently playing Project Zomboid.

Below is how you add your own music using the mod. Take note that the steps we will be sharing are only available for the single player mode of the game and only for Windows OS.

  • Go to \workshop\content\108600\2613146550\mods\True Music\media\yourMusic
  • Unpack yourMusic.rar or (before rename the file “yourMusic.zi” to “”) in the same folder where it is.
  • Place audio files in mp3, wav, ogg format in the TCBoombox and TCVinylplayer folders.
  • This is optional: Place vinyl cover photos in TCVinylplayer folder in jpg format. They should be named the same as the music track file. Each music file can have its own cover.
  • For example, the file with the track is called “All American Rejects – It Ends Tonight.mp3”, the file with the cover should be called “All American Rejects – It Ends Tonight.jpg”.
  • You can easily find excellent vinyl cover photos by googling the song you want in the game and just adding the phrase ‘vinyl cover’ at the end.
  • Run AddYourMusicToTheMod.exe. Depending on which folder the files is placed in, either a cassette or vinyl will be generated.
  • After that, your cassettes and vinyl records will start spawning in the world; you just have to find them.

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While the steps we shared above are indeed intimidating to look at, the process is pretty straightforward if you read it slow.

Just be sure to enable the mod on the game’s starting menu before actually starting the game.

Nevertheless, once you have it done, the songs you have picked should start appearing in your game.

All you have to do now is to play the vinyl records or cassette tapes you have in-game using a vinyl player or boombox.

Now enjoy hearing your favorite tunes in game!