Project Zomboid: Helmet List (Best To Worst)

June 26, 2023
Find the best helmet for your character in Project Zomboids!

Choosing which hat to wear is the most difficult task both in real life and in games like Project Zomboid. Each helmet has its strengths and weakness that make it hard for players to find the one best suited for them.

This guide will tell you about the best helmet list in Project Zomboids.

Helmet List (Best To Worst)

There is a wide variety of helmets available in Project Zomboid and all of them offer 100% protection from scratches and bites with the exception of the bike helmet. Do note that none of the helmets can be repaired and you also don’t get holes in them which is a good thing.

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There are a few factors that will help you decide better which helmet to choose. The first one is the attack modifier which applies to the following helmets:

  • Air Force Helmet
  • Baseball Helmet
  • Football Helmet
  • Motorcycle Helmet
  • Police Motorcycle Helmet
  • Riot Helmets
  • USA Crash Helmet

Wearing any of these helmets will have an effect on your attack speed and when combined with other modifiers, it can make a substantial difference in the game.

Another factor worth considering is the insulation from wind and water resistance. The Hockey, Jockey and Riding Helmet do not provide any type of insulation.

If you are worried about overheating and are looking to protect yourself from exertion then it’s wise to choose the following helmets as they do not offer any insulation or wind resistance:

  • Black Band Fedora
  • Beret
  • Army Beret

On the other hand, if you wish to keep yourself warm during the Winter then choosing any of the following helmets will be a safe bet as they come with 100% insulation and wind resistance:

  • Motorcycle Helmet
  • USA Crash Helmet
  • Crash Helmet
  • Police Motorcycle Helmet
  • Airforce Helmet

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If you want the best rain protection then the following helmets will protect you from thunderstorms:

  • Air Force Helmet
  • Riot Helmet
  • Nuclear Biochemical Mask

In case you are wearing a Noggin armour then you will need to keep in mind that all of these helmets are considered to be “full hats” by the game.

This means that they will apply a substantial debuff effect of 75% when foraging. If you are into foraging then it’s highly recommended that you take off the helmet and wear it later back on.

There is a special helmet called the Military Helmet which acts as an outlier and has a 10% chance of falling off when attacked by a zombie. It is the only helmet in the game that has such an effect.

The effect is based on the story that soldiers would not wear the chin strap on their military helmets as they believed that it would do more harm than good from a nearby concussive blast during World War II

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The second outlier is the Firefighting helmet offers decent insulation from wind or water and doesn’t slow enemy attacks but weighs an extra 0.5 weight. This makes it the heaviest helmet in the game.

If you want the best protection without any potential downsides then the Riding Jockey or Hockey Helmet are your best friends. These helmets offer full protection without any reduction in attack speed or overheating problem

You can find them in Sporting Goods stores, Stables, Gyms and Schools. But if you wish to protect yourself from rain and falling temperature then wearing a Biochemical Mask, Riot or Airforce Helmet is the way to go.

While the Motorcycle Helmet offers the best insulation, the Biochemical Mask is a better choice as it provides resistance from bite, scratch as well as rain at 100%, insulation and rain protection at 50% and 65% respectively.

That’s it, these are all the best helmets available in Project Zomboids!