Project Zomboid: Best Spawn Locations For New Players

June 24, 2023
It's time to see what is the best spawn location for new players in Project Zomboid.

In almost every survival game where you get different spawn locations it really depends on which spot exactly you will spawn. Project Zomboid has the same game mechanic where you spawn on random locations whenever you start a new game.

However, these locations tend to be fixed and we know exactly where you need to spawn in order to have a very good game progression with a lot of loot nearby as well as being able to upgrade your character so you can survive for a lot of days.

In this guide, we will show you the best spawn locations for new players in Project Zomboid.

Best Spawn Locations For New Players

It is common for new players for every game in general to have difficulties starting off. In Project Zomboid it is very helpful to figure out where the best loot is located and where you need to go from your spawn point in order to become strong in the early stages of your world.

So, what is the best spawn location for new players in Project Zomboid?

The best spawn location for new players is the Muldraugh Map. Specifically on the eastern side where you will find the rich gated community.

This community has big houses on two floors, high fences which will prevent zombies from attacking you in the very early stages, and overall the community itself is big enough to where you can loot almost all of the houses and get a ton of resources quickly.

The most important thing that needs to be mentioned about this area is that it is not too populated with zombies. You will only see a few of them roaming around and they can be cleared pretty easily with the first weapon that you will stumble on in the matter of the first minute.

Another great advantage that you have in this area are bushes. Bushes will help you slow down zombies and kill them easily. Simply go over the bush or around it and you will see how the zombies get tangled up in them and get slowed.

Look around all of the sheds that you see in each garden. These sheds are filled with tools that allow you to build massive bases and protect yourself as well as your belongings much better.

The lake & forests that are next to the rich gated community will provide you with an infinite amount of food and water that helps you last for weeks in Project Zomboid.

Alternative Spots

On the northern side of the rich gated community, you will find two Rescue loot areas that are filled with different materials as well as tools. Be careful as these areas are overpopulated with zombies and can get you killed easily.

On the east side of the rich gated community, you will find the rail yard which is just through the forest and filled with a bunch of loot. That areas is not that populated which means that you will be safe for a longer period of time.

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To summarize everything. The biggest tip that we can give you about Project Zomboid in general is. Bigger houses = More and better loot.

Keep that in mind as you will end up getting a ton of more resources that will help you survive for much longer.

And there you have it. That is the best spawn point location that you can get as a new payer for Project Zomboid, survivor!