Project Zomboid: 10 Tips And Tricks – Beginner’s Guide

June 26, 2023
Are you a new player in Project Zomboid? Here are our 10 tips and tricks on how to survive better.

Project Zomboid can be a complex game for new players who have just started to learn the game and figure out all the mechanics as well as the areas where they can find loot, resource, and even tools so they can build their own base and defend themselves against all other zombies.

In this guide, we will give you our 10 best tips and tricks that every beginner needs to know about Project Zomboid.

10 Tips And Tricks – Beginner’s Guide

As you continue reading this article, you will see some interesting tips that maybe even players who have played Project Zomboid for quite some time don’t know. Let’s begin!

Tip #1 – Be Afraid And Passive

Project Zomboid is not something that you need to mess around with whenever you’ve just started off. Opening up a brand new game and just wandering around without knowing the dangers and possibilities to get killed are not the best thing that you want to do.

Encounter every single scenario with caution and make sure you think twice about going to a different community or entering a house that you don’t know the structure of.

Tip #2 – Knowledge Is Power (Read Books)

Reading books in Project Zomboid will grand you an XP multiplier which is beneficial for building new bases as well as learning to create new tools and utilities.

There are different books for different professions. Our best tip to give you is to focus mainly on a few important survival professions and max them out.

Once you have that done, we advise you to slowly begin learning new things and new professions which will grant you the ability to create different and higher-quality pieces of equipment.

Tip #3 – Watch TV

Watching TV before the power runs out is important as you will gain bonus XP from it as well as increase your carpentry level by 2 levels.

Another bonus tip that we can give you here is that you can watch TV and read a book at the same time, meaning that you will get a bonus XP multiplier, gain XP from watching TV, and learn a new profession.

Tip #4 – Stock Up On Water

Whenever a new game is begun, you will eventually run out of power and water. This situation will require you to rush into different buildings and houses to stock up on water as much as you can because you will need it until you’ve found the lake.

The best way to stock up on water is by hoarding a bunch of water dispensers that hold up to 250 units of clear and drinkable water.

These water dispensers do weigh a bit which means that you will want to get only a few around a safe house and once you run out of water, we suggest you move up to a different community or slowly make your way over to the lake to get an infinite amount of water.

Tip #5 – Stock Up On Fuel/Power

This tip is a great combination with the third tip that we’ve given as you will need to have more power in order to not only watch TV but also heat inside your building whenever winter comes.

Look around sheds and make sure you find generators that will help you generate more power. To keep these generators up and running, you will need to find fuel.

So after you’ve set up your base, we highly recommend you to look for a generator and prepare for the Winter.

To stock up on fuel, just make your way over to a gas station with a vehicle, fill it up to the top, and make sure you also fill up a bunch of canisters and have extra fuel not only for the generator but your vehicle too.

Tip #6 – Fill Up Your Freezer With Food

Here we can connect the fifth tip as well. In order to have a properly working freezer, you will need power from a generator and fuel to power up that generator and get power to the freezer.

Filling up your freezer with food will give you the ability to be safe inside your building for a longer period of time if you are not able to go out due to the zombies.

Freezers are another way to stock up on a lot of food that will last for more days other than regular fresh food.

Tip #7 – Be Quiet

Whenever you are in a zombie surviving game, you will need to be as quiet as possible. Being quiet in Project Zomboid will allow you to be alone for a longer period and not attract any zombies.

To be quiet whenever you are scavenging for resources, we highly recommend you to be slow with your vehicle, not to make too much noise, and the most important part is to always try and kill one or two incoming zombies with melee weapons instead of guns.

Just don’t use them whenever you get the chance to. If you are in a situation where a gun is a must, go ahead and start blasting those zombie brains.

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Tip #8 – Use The Whole Website Map

On the Website Map you will find a FULL layout of the whole map in Project Zomboid. There you are going to see a lot of communities as well as giant areas that are filled with loot.

It will also help you navigate much easier around the live map inside your game and can help you make a perfect strategy on where exactly you can go in order to have the best game progression.

On the map itself, you will find blue dots that represent different buildings. Some of these buildings are gas stations, banks, markets, and even hospitals.

This is a great way to figure out where exactly you need to go to get the resources you desire.

Click Here to check out the website map yourself

Tip #9 – Check Glove Box For Keys

Most of the time when you find a random vehicle in Project Zomboid, you will encounter a situation where a key cannot be found.

It is very common for you to find the car keys of any vehicle inside the Glove Box as well as the Ignition.

Most new players tend to think that a car won’t start due to it not having keys inside. You can always check the above-mentioned areas for keys and start up your car.

It is very common to find them there.

Tip #10 – Carry A Water Bottle

Each scavenger hunt is different from the previous one and you will never know exactly where you will end up and how things will turn out.

Water is the number one priority that you are going to need in order to survive and not die from dehydration.

We highly recommend you to carry at least one water bottle with you just for emergencies if things go south.

And there you have it. Those are some of the best beginner tips and tricks that a player can use in order to survive in Project Zomboid.