Project Slayers: How To Become A Slayer & Demon

July 29, 2022
Time to become a Demon or a Slayer in Project Slayer!

Roblox Project Slayer is an RPG action game where you can create your own character to fight in the world of the famous Demon Slayer Anime and choose to either defend humanity or side against it by joining Demons.

This guide will tell you how to become a Slayer or a Demon in the game.

Project Slayers: How To Become A Slayer & Demon

How to become a Demon in Project Slayers

In order to become a Demon, you need to reach level 15 or above and this can be done by completing quests or farming bosses such as Zuko found in the Kiribating Village.

After you reach level 15, you will need to search the map for an NPC called Muzan as he is the only person who has the ability to grant Demonic powers.

There are plenty of different locations across the map where Muzan can be found and he is only available at night. If you are having trouble locating him then you can purchase a Gamepass to see his exact location.

Once you find Muzan, he will assign you two quests:

1. Collect Blue Spider Lillies: There are 5 Lillies spread across the map that you need to collect and they appear randomly on the map. These can be easily identified due to their bright blue glow during the night.

2. Search for Doctor Higoshima and bring him to Muzan: Doctor Higoshima can be found at a house located close to the Bandit Zoku.Interact with the doctor after you find him and then press H to carry him back to Muzan.

Once you bring the doctor back, Muzan will reward you with Demon blood and you can then drink it to transform yourself into a Demon giving you access to the Blood Demon Arts.

Remember to wear a hat because Demons can get incinerated during the day due to the sunlight.

How to become a Slayer in Project Slayer

In order to become a Slayer in the game, you will need to level up your character to level 15 and then head over to the Final Selection area which is available at 6 AM,11 AM, 4 PM and 10 PM EST.

You can reach there by fast travelling via the Horse Guy, use your map points to unlock it if you haven’t already.

After you reach there, speak with Kanata Ubuyashiki and Kiriya Ubuyashiki to obtain the required missions in the forest area. Now you will need to complete some quests in the Final Selection area:

1. Talk to Beth

2. Find Beth’s Katana: Head up to the stairs beside Beth and then proceed further on the road until you reach the hills. Turn right from there and you will find the Katan lying in the grass near a tree.

3. Take care of 10 Sakurai Demons: Talk to Johnny and kill 10 Sakurai Demons in the area

4. Find Ouwbae’s Food: You need to find 1 Apple, 1 Banana and 1 Strawberry in your surroundings.

5. Help Brandon defeat 7 Yowai Demons: Talk to Brandon and kill 7 Yowai Dragons to complete the quest.

6. Help Many defeat 5 Heikin Demons: Talk to Many and then kill 5 Heikin Demons in the area.

7. Help Steve defeat the Hand Demon: This is the last quest in the final selection area and defeating the Hand Demon is pretty challenging as he can grow in size and throw rocks at you.

After all the quests, talk to the Ubuyashiki sisters and you will be rewarded with a uniform as well as free Ore so you can start climbing the ranks as a Slayer.

You can then also use the Crow to get new quests from the hot bar as well as new clan kills to help you get started.

That’s it, now go ahead and become either a Demon or a Slayer in the game!