Project Slayers: Money Guide | Quick Money Making

Published: 24 Jul 2022
Follow these steps to earn some quick bucks in Project Slayer!

Roblox Project Slayer is an RPG action game where you can create your own character to fight in the world of the popular Demon Slayer Anime and choose to either defend humanity or side against it by joining Demons.

This guide will tell you how to make money quickly in the game.

Project Slayers: Money Guide | Quick Money Making

The first and easiest way to earn some Wen is by entering this code in the settings of the game: FINALLYRELEASETIME!

This code will give you 300 Wen so you can enter it to receive some free Wen.

You can create multiple accounts in Project Slayer and use this code to receive 300 Yen,120 Experience and 15 Clan Spins. After you receive the money, use the withdraw Yen feature in the bottom left corner to transfer this amount to your old account.

Another way to farm money quickly is to complete the rice quest in the starting part of the village. You will need to visit the rice farm and then talk to the black-haired woman NPC named Sarah to help her collect the rice.

This quest is pretty easy as you just need to interact with the green color areas and you will get 5 Wen for each rice that you collect and a total of 100 Wen for finishing the quest.

You can complete this quest multiple times to farm some easy money however you will need to wait for a minute or two before it appears again.

In case you get tired of picking up rice then you can also do the grandpa and the wagon quest where you need to help Grandpa Wagwon deliver some items in his cart.

Completing this quest is simple as you just need to head to the marked location to deliver the goods and you get 150 Wen in return. You will also come across an NPC called Betty at the point of delivery and helping her find the bracelet will fetch you 500 Wen each time which is pretty sweet.

Usually, the rice quest can be completed faster than the grandpa quest as you need to sprint fast to deliver items in the cart which can take some time and it’s only recommended if you are heading out of town.

Another lucrative quest is the Fishing quest where you can purchase a fishing rod from Mark for 2500 Wens which might sound a bit expensive initially but there is a lot of money to be made from fishing.

You can earn 1000 Wens with just 5 minutes of fishing in the game depending on the rarity of the fish you manage to catch. All the quests mentioned can be completed multiple times so if you got some time to spare then it’s worth doing all the quests.

That’s it, now go ahead and earn some quick money in the game!