Predecessor: Ultimate Jungle Guide

May 16, 2022
Check out the Ultimate Jungle Guide for Predecessor!

In the last big patch of Predecessor, there was a huge jungle patch rolled out. They added four new river buffs and also the red and blue buffs to the map. Jungle is the most important role in the game and often it’s a thankless and difficult job, you’re expected to be everywhere at once, and your teammates will always blame you first if something gets wrong. There are many strategies that you should follow even in the early game just to bring your team to a leading position.

In this guide, we will show you the Ultimate Jungle Guide for Predecessor!

Predecessor: Ultimate Jungle Guide

Predecessor just released their last jungle patch where they added a bunch of new buffs.

  • Grey River Buff – gives you a movement speed.
  • Green River Buff – gives different types of shields.
  • Orange River Buff – gives bonus damage if you hit something three times
  • Pink River Buff – gives bonus ability damage

All of these buffs give the same mana regeneration as the original river buff just with a couple of added bonuses.

They also added a new jungling item called Flame which is so similar to Hand of the Gods and Smite in League of Legends. The only difference with this item versus the rest of those is that Flame is actually the worst item in Predecessor. It is very expensive and it gives you roughly no stats.

The blue buff gives you cooldown reduction and 5 mana every time you hit an enemy.

The red buff is actually the best thing that has been added to Predecessor. What the red buff does is, it gives you bonus damage on your auto attacks along with a slow effect on your auto attacks.

Early Game

The early game is generally the very start of the game. As a jungler, your start is going to be on the red buff side, but first, you are going to clean one back camp. You could clear both of them, but it’s going to slow you down which is not recommended.

With red buff, you should kill it right about two and a half minutes and then you go to your mid-laner. If the enemy laner is out of position, it’s a free kill. If you can walk into the lane and land in auto, then they’re slowed too much to be able to get away.

If you make the first kill, you continue to your blue buff side of the map, whether this is solo or duo, depending on the side of the map you’re on. If you’re on the side where blue buff is on duolane side, it’s considered a strong side of the map.

After around 6 minutes into the game, hopefully, you have at least one kill or maybe a couple more, and you’re basically winning the game from there. After that, the early game is kind of over.

Extending into the mid-game, the only thing you need to worry about is your red buff timer. It is a 4 minute respawn timer after you kill the red buff, so it should be coming up again right about six and a half minutes.

With this, you can keep track of your enemy’s timers. If you’re feeling confident, you got a lead and have two or three kills, you can go to your enemy’s red buff at six and a half minutes. If you want to play safer, just get your buff and farm up, do your camps and.


Into the mid-game, the number one thing you need to know is your red buff timer. You need to be at your red buff when it spawns. If it gets stolen you lose the game basically. You won’t have much kill potential without your red buff.

Jungle camps give a lot of XP and you should not forget them. If you keep them cleared, you will get a lead even if you have zero kills. If you are focused on your camps, make sure your red buff goes to your mid laner. Also, if you can steal the enemies’ red buff, they won’t have a killing potential for the next four minutes.

Late game

Into the late game is where you start playing a little less selfishly. There are two different distinct play styles of jungle play. The first one is harder to play, and it’s going to be protecting your backline. This means you are not necessarily carrying team fights. You’re letting other people carry team fights, specifically your mid laner and your carry.

This can be difficult because you have to put some faith in your squad but if you can do that, especially if one of them is fed, put your faith in your squad and protect them.

The enemy wants to kill whoever’s biggest on your team. Your goal is to use all of your crowd controls and cooldowns to keep that person off of your backline to keep your backline safe. This can be difficult.

The other style is going to be aggressive. You’re just going to “w” key the enemy’s backline and your goal is to kill their mid laner or their carry. If the enemy team has someone playing backline defense, your goal is to bait out all of their cooldowns, so when you die, your team can come into a fight where the enemy has zero cooldowns available