Potions 5e DnD Cost Prices List (Updated)

August 4, 2023
Cost of all potions available in Dungeons and Dragons!

Potions are a vital part of Dungeons and Dragons 5e and they can be categorized based on their rarity and their crafting time.

Given the vast list of magical items and potions, it can be difficult to keep track of all as they can cost anywhere from 25gp to 50,000gp.

This guide will tell you the complete list of all potions and their costs in the game.

Potions 5e DnD Cost Prices

Below You Can Read Complete List Of All Potions & Their Prices!

The price of potions in the game can vary based on their effect or the level of spell they can recreate. There are different ways to calculate the cost of the potion since Dungeons and Dragons do not provide official pricing for the same.

Here is the complete list of all the potions and their estimated pricing:

NameRarityMin LevelCrafting TimeCrafting PriceMin Crafting LevelEffects
Elixir of HealthRare5401,0006This potion cures all diseases and removes the blinded, deafened, paralyzed, and poisoned conditions.
Oil of EtherealnessRare5401,0006This potion can cover a medium or small creature. The target gains the etherealness effect for one hour and it takes 10 minutes to apply.
Oil of SharpnessVery Rare1140010,00011Gives a +3 bonus to attack and damage. Each vial can coat 1 slashing or piercing weapon or 5 pieces of ammunition.
Oil of SlipperinessUncommon141003Gain the effects of the Freedom of Movement spell for 8 hours or can be poured on the ground to produce the effects of the Grease spell. Takes 10 minutes to apply and each potion has enough for 1 medium or small creature.
Philter of LoveUncommon141003Whatever creature drinks this will be charmed by the next creature it sees within 10 minutes. Effects lasts 1 hour.
Potion of Animal FriendshipUncommon141003Allows the recipient to perform the effect of the Animal Friendship spell with a DC save of 13. Lasts 1 hour.
Potion of ClairvoyanceRare5401,0006Allows the recipient to perform the effect of the Clairvoyance spell.
Potion of ClimbingCommon11253Gain climbing speed equal to walking speed for 1 hour. Gain Advantage on Strength (Athletics) checks for climbing.
Potion of Cloud Giant StrengthVery Rare1140010,00011Increases Strength score to 27 for 1 hour.
Potion of DiminutionRare5401,0006Gain the Reduce effect from the Enlarge/Reduce spell for 1d4 hours.
Potion of Fire BreathUncommon141003Can exhale fire as a bonus action (30ft.). Target can attempt DC13 Dexterity (for 1/2 damage). Lasts for 1 hour or 3 attacks.
Potion of Fire Giant StrengthRare5401,0006Increases Strength score to 25 for 1 hour.
Potion of FlyingVery Rare1140010,00011Gain Flying speed equal to walking speed for 1 hour.
Potion of Frost Giant StrengthRare5401,0006Increases Strength to 23 for 1 hour.
Potion of Gaseous FormRare5401,0006Gain the effect of the Gaseous Form spell for 1 hour.
Potion of Greater HealingUncommon151003Regain 4d4 +4 hitpoints.
Potion of GrowthUncommon141003Gain the effects of the Enlarge portion of the Enlarge/Reduce spell for 1d4 hours.
Potion of HealingCommon11253Regain 2d4 +2 HP
Potion of HeroismRare5401,0006Gain the effects of the Bless Spell (10 temporary hitpoints for 1 hour.)
Potion of Hill Giant StrengthUncommon141003Increases Strength to 21 for 1 hour.
Potion of InvisibilityVery Rare1140010,00011Become Invisible (including anything being carried or being worn). Effet lasts until an attack is made or a spell is cast.
Potion of InvulnerabilityRare5401,0006Gain damage resistance to all types for 1 minute.
Potion of LongevityVery Rare1140010,00011Reduces a creature’s age by 1d6 +6 years (up to 13 years old.) When drank for the 2nd time there is a 10% cumulative chance that the potion will instead age the drinker.
Potion of Mind ReadingRare5401,0006Gain the effects of the Detect Thoughts spell with a DC save of 13.
Potion of PoisonUncommon141003The drinker takes 3d6 poison damage. They make a DC 13 Constitution Save. If they fail the save they are poisoned and take 3d6. Each successful save reduces the poison damage by 1d6 until it’s reduced to 0. Identity Spells will reveal the poison.
Potion of ResistanceUncommon141003Gain resistance to one damage type for an hour. Damage type is determined by the DM.
Potion of SpeedVery Rare1140010,00011Gain the effect of the Hase spell for 1 minute.
Potion of Stone Giant StrengthRare5401,0006Increase Strength to 23 for 1 hour.
Potion of Storm Giant StrengthLegendary172,00050,00017Increase Strength to 29 for 1 hour.
Potion of Superior HealingRare5151,0006Regain 8d4 +8 hipoints.
Potion of Supreme HealingVery Rare112010,00011Regain 10d4 +20 hitpoints.
Potion of VitalityVery Rare1140010,00011Cures Poisons & Diseases and removes exhaustion. For 24 hours regain the maximum number of hitpoints per hit dice spent.
Potion of Water BreathingUncommon141003Gain the ability to breathe underwater for 1 hour.