Potionomics: Is it Hard to Play? (Find Out!)

October 19, 2022
Check out this guide to see if Potionoics is actually a hard game to play.

Potionomics is a great game where you brew various potions, go off on an adventures to collect materials for your brewing. During your play time in this game, you will meet various NPCs that you can trade materials or potions in an exchange for some coins or even trade materials.

This guide will show you if Potionomics is actually a hard game to play.

Is it Hard to Play? (Find Out!) – Potionomics

Potionomics is a game where you need to manage a lot of things. Everything in this game is on a timer, and if you mess one up, you may lose a whole battle.

The game requires you to be well organized, and learn everything before starting any actions. Many players have said that the game is not really challenging for those who know what they do.

Players that know what they do are the ones that have learned the game, brewing, resource gathering, and trading. It’s okay to lose a few times before you actually get the hang of it.

Try to make combinations of timers that will go well with each other. Saving double time is always better than waiting for multiple things one at a time.

So to sum it all up, Potionomics is not really a hard game to play if you know how to manage your things and actually learn some stuff before playing.