Potionomics: How To Get More Ingredients

October 20, 2022
Expand your ingredients list by following this guide!

As you may have already probably figured, ingredients are the most crucial items to make an excellent potion to be sold at your shop – the better ingredients you use, the more your potion stands out from the competitors. Different ingredients are used to stabilize the potion itself to increase its overall worth, selling for more while also providing you with certain bonuses on top.

With all that being said, how exactly do you get more ingredients in Potionomics? Read on and let us answer just that.

How To Get More Ingredients – Potionomics

Your main source for various ingredients in Potionomics is the different NPCs you interact with in the game themselves. To be specific, you can get ingredients from Mint, Baptiste, and Quinn.

However, all three of them have a different approach to giving you your desired ingredients.

First is Mint – the always helpful adventurer. If you invite her for an adventure, which she loves to do the most, you’ll have the option to select a location on the map where you want to get more ingredients.

After choosing a location, a trail of enemies should show on the top side of your screen, and Mint will act fast and defeat the enemies that come to clear the area and get your ingredients. The more enemies she defeats, the more ingredients she may bring with her.

While Mint will be doing most of the work, you can assist her in these adventures by providing her with HP or MP Potions.

Next is Baptiste. Baptiste has his unique system in the game, just like Mint, where you have to invest in a certain ingredient and he shall find it for you. He may even have an extra ingredient with it which may or may not be a rare ingredient.

After giving him your investment, all you have to do is to wait for the next day for him to deliver your new ingredients.

Last is Quinn. If you go over to her, you can easily buy ingredients directly from her. However, she’d only have old ingredients in store. To get new ingredients from Quinn, you would have to feed her the new ingredients first that you got from somewhere else.

You give her new ingredients for her to begin selling them on her store. Get new ingredients first with Mint and Baptiste before heading to Quinn.