Potionomics: Beginner’s Guide

October 18, 2022
In this beginner’s guide you will find everything that need to know before starting the journey in Potionomics!

Potionomics is a newly released potion-crafting shopkeeper sim in which you have inherited your uncle’s potion shop and must pay back the debt while befriending a colorful cast of characters. Customizing your store, hiring heroes to gather ingredients, befriending fellow vendors to learn new haggling strategies, and going head-to-head with competitors are only a few of the tasks you are going to do.

Here is out Beginner’s guide to Polionomics where we will show you various tips for beginners that will bring you in the right direction in your crafting journey.

Beginner’s Guide – Potionomics

Time Segments

This one is a little bit tricky, and you should experience it for yourself. Time segment calculations work by including the current segment that you’re in.

For example, if you want to open up a shop which costs two time segments, it includes the current one you’re in.

With this example, if you open up your shop, you will wind up in the third time segment of the day after you return from opening up your shop

How To Acquire Better Materials

Your goal for every single day in the beginning is to get new materials and then give them to Quinn. The reason for this is that it’s not actually reasonable to expect both Mint and Baptiste to return with the same items they have gathered before.

In order to mitigate this randomness, you are going to give those ingredients to Quinn who will have them available for sale the following day. To reiterate that you want to send Mint out as much as you can, and make sure to invest in Baptists Expeditions later when he is unlocked.

The only way to know if Quinn has a specific ingredient is to head over there and see if it’s on sale or to remember if they have it already.

Baptists Expeditions are pretty simple where you just need to invest in whatever he has and then he will come back with that and maybe an additional item.

Mint’s Expeditions

For Mint is a bit more complicated. Her goal is to be able to clear the area and the further she gets in her journey in that area the more loot she will bring back.

As you can find in the tutorial in the game, you can’t test how far she goes in her journey before you send her off, but it is very important to know how these are all calculated since her progress isn’t random at all.

What determines our progress is actually determined by two stats:

  • Max HP
  • Max MP

Mint can level but her stats don’t increase a lot, which is not something that you can rely on. The numbers on each of the monster’s heads determine how much HP they will take away from Mint. If you add up all these numbers, that will determine how much HP Mint will need to have in order to get to the end.

In order to mitigate this, you will have to use health potions to get her HP up to 15, and of course, better health potions equal more HP. MP functions more like a stamina meter than anything, and It decreases by one whatever she encounters, a hazard or an enemy.  Same like the HP, better magic potions equals more MP.

Later maps will actually feature Elemental enemies and Hazards if the monster has an element next to their number which means a tonic of that element will deduct a certain amount from all the enemies that are of that element.

A Hazard is basically what it sounds like. Specific areas will have hazards that will immediately stop Mint’s Journey. It might require a poison cure to proceed. Each area requires a certain number of time segments to complete but that does not use any of your available time.

Keep in mind that returning to the shop after seeing your friends counts as one time segment which means if you send her out to the enchanted forest, she will already be back as soon as you return to your shop. Once she is back, make sure to turn it over to Quinn so that they can make these available the following day.


You must always aim for the highest quality and a perfect balance while crafting. There are two very important things that you have to pay attention while crafting, the amount of magimins you are using and the balance of magimins in your concoction.

Your main goal is to always maximize the amount of magimins you are using while maintaining the balance of your potion formula. Also, ensure that your potion will not only increase in tear quality but also increase how many you make.

Achieving Perfect Balance ensures that the quality of your potion will gain two additional stars with a chance of gaining a bonus star.

In the in-game example, you can find out that achieving Perfect Balance, will have a chance of getting the potion to the next quality tier, from a minor to a common potion.

The way to get perfect balance is to make sure that all of your ingredients match the ratio for the potion formula you have chosen. For example, if you want to make a mana potion, you will have to make sure that both B and C have the exact same amount of magimins.

Whenever you get enough money, consider buying new shelves pedestals and cauldrons from Muktuk once he is available. New shelves mean increased prices for your potions and more opportunities to sell them.

Keep in mind that Saffron is the one responsible for allowing you to get additional space for your cauldrons and shelves, but if you are just starting out, it is highly recommended to focus on improving your current shelf and cauldrons. The pedestals will help you attract more customers, and also affect the price of the corresponding potions.

New cauldrons mean more ways to make better potions. The default cauldron maxes out at a very low amount of magimins and will only allow you to use a very few ingredients.