Potionomics: Basement Guide

October 19, 2022
Want to know what the Basement is used for? Check out this guide.

Potionomics is a great game where you brew various potions, go off on an adventures to collect materials for your brewing. During your play time in this game, you will meet various NPCs that you can trade materials or potions in an exchange for some coins or even trade materials.

This guide will show you what is the actual purpose for the basement in Potionomics!

Basement Guide – Potionomics

The basement in Potionimcs is needed as you would continuously brew potions there and use that area as storage.

Once you go into your basement for the first time, you will notice that you don’t have many slots for brewing.

That is where the Basement comes to play. You will need to upgrade it to get more brew slots. And to upgrade it, you will need to head over to Saffron and give 600 gold per upgrade.

Having more brew spots will allow you to brew potions much faster, obtain more and more resources that can help you become wealthier and learn new things. Learning new things in this game is key to becoming the best witch!

And that’s about it, now you know what the basement can be used for in Potionomics.