Portable Sawmill Legendary Weapon Stats & Location: Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

April 18, 2022
Check out this guide to obtain the Portable Sawmill Legendary weapon in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands!

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands offers players a large variety of weapons and gears to choose from to take on different enemies in the game. Having better weapons will help you progress faster and defeat tougher opponents easily.

In this guide, we will tell you the location of the Portable Sawmill legendary weapon in the game.

Portable Sawmill Legendary Weapon Stats & Location: Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

How to get the Portable Sawmill Legendary weapon

In order to obtain the Portable Sawmill legendary, you will need to head over to the Chaos Chamber located at the castle at Brighthoof. You will be able to grab it once you finish the main campaign of the game.

The Chaos Chamber is a place where players can farm plenty of loot and gold without spending a lot of time. Inside the chamber, you will also find the Portable Sawmill weapon from a drop after you kill any enemies, boss, or miniboss that you encounter there.

Do note that you will need to do a couple of runs in the chamber before you get a chance to grab the weapon. Increasing your Lucky Loot stat will increase your chances of finding the weapon and you can increase this stat by collecting a Lucky Dice or by completing Shrine of Aaron G.

You can also focus on increasing your Chaos Level as it will give you a better chance of obtaining the weapon. The Chaos Level can be increased by completing Chaos Trial in the Chaos Chamber.

After you manage to get both of these stats to a reasonable level, you can do a couple of runs in the chamber that will allow you to grab more crystals.

These crystals can then be redeemed at the Sniper Rifle Rabbit Statue which will provide you with a big boost in obtaining the legendary weapon as the statue will only drop sniper rifles in the game.

Portable Sawmill Statistics

  • Damage: 650×3
  • Accuracy: 81%
  • Handling: 40%
  • Reload Time: 4.6s
  • Fire Rate: 4.25/s
  • Magazine Size:20

Weapon Description: Destroy nature and lumber futures on a budget

Portable Sawmill Effects:

  • Enchanted: After the Action skill ends, gain +35% area damage and +35% spell radius for 5 seconds.
  • +26% gun damage
  • -39% gun accuracy
  • Consumes 3 ammo per shot
  • 9.3x zoom
  • Highly effective vs Flesh

How to use the Portable Sawmill legendary weapon

The Portable Sawmill is a sniper rifle produced by the manufacturer Stoker in the game. Its special ability is to shoot saw blades that can deal massive damage to the enemies stuck by them.

These saw blades can bounce off surfaces and even split off from the initial enemy hit to do damage to other enemies nearby. The higher the number of sawblades that you fire toward your opponent, the more damage will be dealt to him.

An interesting thing is that these additional blades will always target the enemy’s critical hit spot when you fire directly toward him. The weapon is available in three elements including fire, lightning and poison one with the possibility of more elemental versions present in the game.

It is a very powerful weapon but the only catch is that it can fire three saw blades per shot at the cost of three ammo per shot which can be a potential drawback because you might run out of ammo before you can kill all the enemies in the area.

This gun also has a shotgun underbarrel alternate firing mode which shoots 11 projectiles at the cost of 2 ammo per shot which can be handy during a close encounter with your enemies.

The best usage scenario for this gun is a boss killer where you can drop in and simply unload your entire enemy into a single enemy. By pairing it with a really strong spell, you can further increase the damage of the gun by sticking enemies and then dealing massive spell damage to them.

That’s it, you can now head over to the above location and grab this legendary sniper rifle in the game!