Pop It Trading: How To Make Skibidi Toilet

July 1, 2023
Learn how to make the Skibdi Toilet in Pop It Trading!

Pop It Trading is a Roblox game that involves collecting various items and trading them with others. The game recently received an update that added new items for players to craft such as the Skibdi Toilet items.

This guide will tell you how to craft all the Skibidi Toilet items in the game.

How To Make Skibidi Toilet

Pop It Trading allows players to trade items such as gear, clothing and other cosmetic items with each other. There are also limited edition items and freebies that are only available for a small period of time.

The developer Club XOX also offers free codes for players to redeem occasionally so make sure to keep an eye out on their social media handles especially during updates. You will need to enter these codes to enjoy your rewards or complete a specific event as mentioned by the developer.

These codes can be redeemed by heading over to the block titled “Youtube Codes” and this will open up a new window where you enter the code of your choice to redeem your favourite reward!

How to craft Skibdi Toilet?

In order to craft these items, you will first need to head over to the nearest crafting station. Press E to interact with the table and then add the items according to the recipes.

To get the Skibdi Toilet, you will need to add “a Head” that costs $2500, radioactive waste which can be obtained by crafting and a Toilet that can be bought for $1000.

Here are all the recipes added in the latest update:

  • Skibdi Toilet: Head+ Radioactive Waste+ Toilet
  • Camera Head: XOX+Siren Head
  • Speaker Head: Rusted Boombox +Backrooms
  • Boss Toilet: Mask + Skibdi Toilet
  • Camera Head Blue: Camera + Friend Blue

That’s it, these are all the new items that you can craft in the game!