Pop It Trading: How To Get Green Ooze

July 1, 2023
Check out this guide to learn how to get your hands on the Green Ooze!

Pop It Trading is a popular Roblox game where players need to collect various items and trade them with each other to earn money. You can either collect or craft items such as Radioactive Waste to sell them for a large profit.

This guide will tell you how to craft Green Ooze in Pop It Trading.

How To Get Green Ooze

In order to craft the Green Ooze or Radioactive Waste, you will first need to head over to the nearest crafting station. Press E to interact and add the following items from the inventory to get your hands on Radioactive Waste:

  • Microwave
  • Green Ooze
  • Battery

How to get Radioactive Waste

The Green Ooze is an off-sale item that can be purchased for $50 from the shop. The second item needed for the recipe is the Microwave which can be bought for $2500.The third item you need for the recipe is the Battery available for sale for a price of $2500.

This puts the total cost of the recipe at $5050 and after combining all three items you will get the Radioactive Waste.

That’s it, now go ahead and get all the items mentioned in the recipe to craft the Radioactive Waste!