Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How To Change Your Player Icon

November 22, 2022
Let’s find out How To Change Your Player Icon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet!

In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet you can find two icons for your Trainer, the profile picture that can be seen on the Trainer card, and the Trainer Icon which can be seen by other players when you go online and participate in matches. If you don’t like the default Icon on your Trainer, then there is an option that will let you change it to show off your new unique look.

In this guide, we will show you How To Change Your Player Icon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet!

How To Change Your Player Icon – Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

When you are in an Online Mode in the game and participate in some of the matches and battles, you might notice a picture by your name which is usually your character like a portrait.

In order to change your Trainer icon, you need to open your profile, by pressing the corresponding button to bring up your Pokedex. Now, click the X button which will give you access to the side menu and you will be able to see three colored icons on the left side of the screen.

Select the green icon which will bring you to your profile.

Here you have two options, to change the picture in the background which is your profile picture, but there is also a Trainer Icon button that actually is not available at the beginning of the game.

You have to progress through the game and then suddenly it will appear. But you must know that the game won’t tell you about it and must check it by yourself.

Click on the “Trainer icon” and then you will have the option to take a new photo or go back to the default photo.

To change your Trainer icon you will need to click on “Take a new photo”.

It will give you a camera and you will be able to take an actual photo inside the game of your Pokemon or whatever you want to be your new Trainer Icon.

On the left side of the screen, you can see the controls on how to use the camera and even use some of the filters that it offers.

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Once you take a photo, you will get a notification if you want to update the photo, and you just need to select the “Yes” option.

After that your Trainer icon will automatically change and will be updated for you in the next matches and battles where you participate in Online Mode in the game.