Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Fire Tauros Location

February 9, 2023
Want to find the Location of Fire Tauros in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet? Then check this out!

There are a lot of Pokemon that you will encounter and try to catch in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

As you explore the map and unlock the areas, there will be some wild Pokemon that are waiting for you.

Fire Tauros is one of the Pokemon that can be found, but it’s not that easy, because it’s a bit tricky and requires to do a small task.

If you have a hard time finding the location of Fire Tauros, then we will help you out.

This guide will show you Fire Tauros Location in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet!

Fire Tauros Location – Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Catching the Fire Tauros Pokemon is mostly for Scarlet version.

There are three types of Tauros:

  • Normal-fighting (Both)
  • Fire-fighting (Scarlet)
  • Water-fighting (Violet)

All you need to do is to navigate to Porto Marinada where you are going to make some food.

You will need to open the Recipe Mode, and make yourself some food, or you can simply go and buy food from the restaurants.

You will need to make any food that has a fire and counter plus. It is recommended to pick and make the Great Pickles Sandwich that has Encounter Power: Fire Lv.1

Once you’ve made and eaten the sandwich, you will have to the area Herd of Tauros, where you will find plenty of them.

You can notice that the one of them has red lines on its Mains which means it is the Fire Tauros.

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Here, you will have to fight him, and once defeated you will be able to catch it with your Poke Ball.