Pokemon GO Lucky Egg Guide

August 25, 2023
Everything you need to know about Lucky Egg in Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go Lucky Egg enables users to double down on any experience in the game for thirty minutes. They differ from the egg trainers used to hatch monsters in incubators; however, they are helpful to farm XPs. Players follow multiple methods to level up their trainers, from visiting PokeStops to catching Pokemon.

Players can use these methods only up to Level 20; lucky eggs are a tremendous leveling-up tool in Pokemon GO. Trainers might use the Lucky Egg whenever they feel like it, but that doesn’t explore the full potential of the Egg. These eggs should be used when one needs to level up or for an exponential experience boost. Here’s everything to know on how to use the Lucky Eggs to one’s advantage.

How to get Lucky Egg in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Lucky Eggs can be earned in multiple ways. Players receive these eggs as a reward when they level up, and one can also purchase them through the in-game shop. Trainers can purchase one lucky Egg for 80 Pokecoins, eight eggs for 500, and 25 for 1250 Pokecoins. The cost of 1200 Pokecoins is 9.99$. However, there’s no necessity to use real-world money to buy these eggs, as the in-game rewards are enough.

Players can also find a Pokestop Hotspot where they can use the lure modules and help maximize the effect of the Egg. Generally, these stops are places where three Pokestops intersect; using lures will help increase the XP in Pokemon GO. They can also evolve Pokemon, earning them 500 XP, and the lucky Egg can help double it to 1000XP. After activating the egg, trainers must evolve as many monsters as possible and see the XPs increase. While the Egg is still active and players finish evolving their Pokemon, they can scan Poksetops nearby and catch as many monsters as possible.

When the Egg is active, evolving a Pokemon will reward trainers with 1000 XP, and evolving monsters one doesn’t have will earn 2000 XP. Trainers are granted 200 XP for catching monsters; however, catching a new Pokemon will result in 1,200 XP in Pokemon GO.