PlayStation VR2 Launches In February At $549.99

Sony’s follow-up for its highly successful virtual reality headset, PlayStation VR2, finally has a conclusive release date and price point. The second-generation Sony VR headset is set to hit store shelves on February 22, 2023 – exactly a year after its initial reveal – and will cost $549.99. This includes the controllers, stereo headphones, and of course, the headset.

PlayStation VR2 Launches In February At $549.99

Furthermore, Sony also announced that the PlayStation VR2 will open preorders exclusively through the PlayStation store as early as November 15 in select market regions, at least for now.

This includes the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

The regions not mentioned above may also preorder the highly-anticipated VR headset via Sony PlayStation’s retail partners. The process may be a bit more complex, but still achievable.

Sony’s updated PlayStation VR hardware will be compatible with the PlayStation 5 and should support 4K HDR resolutions at up to 120Hz.

On top of that, it will also feature headset haptic feedback and accurate eye tracking.

Impressively, all that is made despite also making the new headset a bit slimmer and lighter than the original PlayStation VR – making it all the more attractive for gamers worldwide.

Sony has previously announced that the upcoming PlayStation VR2 will have more than 20 dedicated titles at launch.

That being said, it is worth noting that the new VR headset won’t be able to play the original PlayStation VR games on it.