Planet Crafter: Ultimate Beginner Guide

Published: 21 Mar 2022
Check out this Beginner guide for the Planet Crafter!

The Planet Crafter is a game that shows only a few details about it. You only receive some main instructions at the start of the game and then you are left on your own.

Sometimes players get confused about how they need to progress further into the game after finishing the first steps.

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide – Planet Crafter

Once you start the game, you land on your planet inside a spaceship. On the HUD a few details are presented, which are:

  • Craft: Backpack T1
  • Equip: Backpack T1
  • Craft: Oxygen Tank T1
  • Equip: Oxygen Tank T1
  • Craft: Microchip – Construction
  • Health Bar
  • Thirst Bar
  • Oxygen Bar

These are the only important things that are shown on the screen when the game begins.

The start of the game does not give the player the feature to automatically save the game progress. Make sure to do multiple game saves as you play to make sure you don’t lose any valuable progress.

To save a game, simply press the ESC. Key and press save.

The First Steps guide will create a path for you to continue and play the game. The missions are basic things. Once all of them are gone, no other missions will appear on the screen.

The heart bar displays the health bar that you have, which is controlled by the food that you consume.

The water drop icon displays the thirst levels that your character is having. This drops fast so you need to keep an eye on that bar the whole time.

And the O2 icon is the Oxygen level. That bar is also critical and you must have it full at all times so you don’t die. Oxygen is refilled once you get into a spaceship or use an oxygen capsule.

Pressing the TAB key will open up your inventory, in there you have 12 inventory slots and 4 slots for the equipment that you will use during the game.

Firstly, start with your “First Steps” guide. Open up the crafting menu that is in front of the spacecraft and hover your mouse over the items you need to craft and equip to see what type of materials are needed.

Once crafted, you will have the item in your inventory where you can equip it and gain its perks.

To make sure to survive the next following steps, bring extra food and water just in case you don’t die of starvation or thirst.

Starting food will be presented in the blue chest inside the spacecraft, and water can be crafted by using 1 Ice.

To begin crafting building materials, press Q. A construction menu will open up.

When crafted and equipped with all the basics of the game, it’s time to begin building essentials for surviving, such as:

  • Living Compartment
  • Living Compartment Door

This is essential for gaining infinite Oxygen. Make sure to build this construction in an area where it’s flat so no water comes when you progress later into the game and flood the planet.

A quick tip while being on an adventure.
Carry some extra materials when you are somewhere far, this way when you run out of oxygen, you can quickly build one of these living compartments and regain oxygen.

The next steps are to build:

  • Tier 1 Drill
  • Wind Turbine

Once you finish all these basic steps, the help guide will be removed from the screen and your Terraformation Index will begin to rise.

From here you begin on your own. These are the following recommended steps to do after finishing the First Steps guide.

Begin building a Tier 2 Crafting Station

This step will unlock extra items that can be crafted to buff up your character with more essential items.

  • Tier 1 Exoskeleton (Increased equipment slots on your character)

The next step is to craft and place three objects from the “Information Screens” section, which are:

  • Terrafromation Screen
  • Energy Level Screen
  • Blueprints Screen

This screen will show you the amount of power your base is consuming, and the amount of power you are producing with your wind turbine.

To gain more power, simply build more wind turbines.

The Blueprints screen will show you what items will be unlocked after reaching certain goals. The 4 main goals to reach a certain level are:

  • Terraformation
  • O2 Oxygen
  • Heat
  • Pressure

Hovering over the items with your mouse will show information about what the item consumes and produces.

To continue progressing after reaching this point, start building your oxygen and heat levels up.

To start this process, begin by building some Vege Tubes, which provide Oxygen, and, a Heater, that produces heat.

Both of these machines are inside equipment. Meaning that you will need to create more room inside your space nodes.

To expand the inside area, simply build another living compartment next to the current one.

To use the Vege Tube, you will need to grab the seed from your first node and plant it there, in order to obtain more seeds and continue spreading.

When aiming your construction tool towards machines, don’t select machines or other stuff with the deconstruction tool, you may end up deconstructing a machine by mistake.

Building a Heater will require Iridium. To collect iridium, you will need to go to a certain location where Iridium spawns.

It’s recommended to make a space node where you can replenish oxygen and build heaters next to Iridium spawns, that way you can refill your Heater much faster and gain heat points.

From this point on, you have a constant production of heating points and oxygen points.

Continue building items that your Blueprints Screen unlocks to progress through the game even further.

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