Way of The Hunter Pheasant Location | Where To Hunt Pheasants

August 18, 2022
Two birds with one stone as they say!

The pheasant is one of the many wild birds in The Way of The Hunter, they are one of the first species you encounter in the game. Easy prey to hunt and as which are not well paid, nevertheless people still use these birds to grind out money and XP since they are very easy to find and kill. Although easy to find some people are still having trouble finding these beasts.

No worries though, we will help you find anything you are looking for!

Pheasant Location | Where To Hunt Pheasants in Way of The Hunter

Way of The Hunter is a new fps shooter that has the main point of free roam exploration in order to hunt animals for their precious pelts and meat that you sell to get cash and upgrades.

The game spots an interesting realistic art style with many animals and areas of the map looking hyper-realistic and many screenshots and in-game footages look as if they have been taken in real life.

In the game, you have a wide selection of ammunition and weaponry that you can use for hunting and a lot of animals to hunt with a rarity system that puts the price tag on the creatures.

One of these creatures is the so called Pheasant, a species of birds characterized by their unique name and rich feathers.

Pheasants can be a challenging hunt if you don't know how to hunt them down
Pheasants can be a challenging hunt if you don’t know how to hunt them down

The Pheasant such as in real life is the main game for many new hunters and even very experienced ones as well.

These birds have garnered the title of the main game for many hunters because they are easy and harmless to hunt.

As well as easy hunting these suckers are also a good source of income for many since their feathers are not well cheap per say but spot a very rich color and texture and that’s why a lot of boutique shops pay top dollar for their feathers since they stay well on expensive clothing.

We recommend using low caliber but high velocity ammunition for these birds since one missed shot means all of them are gone.

Just like any other animal Pheasants also follow the rule of staying within their flock, this means that if you miss one the rest of the flock flees in order to get away from danger.

They’re pretty skittish birds which means any loose branch can scare them away so watch your step and aim if you wish to get a big paycheck.

These birds such as many in this game can be easily found around the grasslands regions of the map mostly in big open fields near River Knox.

But the best place to find these birds is in the starting region of Cottonwood. They can be located in any open field in the starting area as long as it’s near the coast of the river.

The best time to find them is between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM this is the time when they feed and they can be spotted feeding on some roots or berries on the fields.

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab your rifle and let’s get this W!