Phasmophobia Prestige Badges

August 22, 2023
So, you started leveling up and want to know all about the prestige badges in Phasmophobia. Let’s dive into the guide!

In Phasmophobia you level up as you progress through the game. Eventually, you will reach to a point where you can’t level up anymore and you will be forced to prestige and gain a brand new prestige badge. This prestige badge will be put in your ID card in the game and players will know how far you’ve reached the game.

Let us show you all the prestige badges that are available in Phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia Prestige Badges

In total, there are 6 badges for prestige levels. As you gain more prestige levels, you will get different cards and your ID card will change colors and shapes.

Without further ado, let us show you all 6 total prestige badges that you can get for Phasmophobia.

Prestige 1

Prestige 2

Prestige 3

Prestige 4

Prestige 5

Prestige 6

And there you have it. Those are all the prestige badges that you can obtain in Phasmophobia so far.

Do keep in mind that you will eventually get different updates for the game and more prestige levels and badges will be unlocked. So keep on leveling and make sure that you get every single prestige badge in order to fill out that amazing ID card.

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