PGA Tour 2K23: Best Setup & Controller Settings

October 17, 2022
Get ahead of the competition even before starting the game itself!

Sometimes hitting the grandest of shots and crucially putting the ball to the hole in PGA Tour 2K23 boils down to how you have set up your game and controller ahead of the match itself. Whether you’re playing on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, or Switch, adjusting your overall gaming setup and its controller’s settings before a match can drastically affect your performance.

In this guide, we will be showing you the best setup and the controller settings you may want to check out to win the most games in PGA Tour 2K23.

Best Setup & Controller Settings – PGA Tour 2K23

Nobody ever mentions this but where you place yourself in front of the TV or monitor you are playing the game significantly affects your performance in-game, specifically your ability to hit straight shots.

Make sure that you are directly in front of your screen, with you looking at it head-on as well. Having even a bit of angle to the left or right when facing the screen can affect your ability to hit the shot meter where you precisely want to consistently.

Next, make sure that your controller is steady and straight all the time. If you feel tired and are now skewing the controller to one way instead of keeping it sturdy, better just stop playing for now and come back another time.

It is recommended that you put your elbow on the armrest of your chair so that you can level out the controller more effectively without straining yourself much.

With that done, you may now proceed on checking out your controller itself. Say that you are playing on the PS5. Make sure that the joysticks are in optimal condition. Flick them in various directions several times to get the feel of it.

The joystick is practically your best friend in this game as this would determine your swings. We highly recommend you get as comfortable as possible when maneuvering them.

After that, check all the other buttons and see if they work as they should.

Say that everything is well and you now feel comfortable to start playing the game. Do so, and believe us, doing all these even before starting the game itself would drastically improve your performance.