PGA Tour 2K23: Best & Fastest Way To Level Up QUICKLY

October 17, 2022
Build your character up in no time! Here is the best and fastest way to level up in PGA Tour 2K23!

PGA Tour 2K23 is here to once again give players worldwide the authentic golfing experience in the comfort of their homes. After deciding not to release a PGA Tour last year, where the franchise decided to take the year off to revitalize the game, PGA Tour 2K23 is advertised to be the resurgence of the leading golf game.

Much like any other 2K sports game, PGA Tour 2K23 also gives you the chance to create and improve your very own character and take the golfing sport by storm. That being said, actually leveling up your custom-created character takes time and effort. Say that you are a golfing expert in real life and even in games like PGA Tour 2K23, playing as a subpar golfer can still make you lose a course.

That said, what if we tell you that there is actually an easy method to level up quickly in this game? In this guide, we will be showing you what we believe is the best and fastest way to level up your character in the new PGA Tour 2K23.

Best & Fastest Way To Level Up QUICKLY – PGA Tour 2K23

Grinding out in the MyCareer section of the game is the best and fastest way to develop your character into one of the sport’s elites.

Say that you really want to build your character up the fastest way possible and do not mind taking out the challenge of the game entirely to do so, feel free to adjust the opponent difficulty in MyCareer to very easy.

Setting the difficulty of your opponents to very easy would not affect the number of experience points (XP) you get out of them. However, it will affect you if you lose challenges. If you lose challenges, you will not get any XP whatsoever.

Since the opponent’s difficulty is set to very easy, winning at everything should be much of a challenge.

After adjusting the opponent difficulty, you may also want to set the Conditions Difficulty to easy as well. If you just want to grind for XP, equipment, virtual currency, and other in-game rewards, put this setting to easy or very easy.

Again, it would have no modification to the amount of XP you’d be getting in MyCareer.

After adjusting the MyCareer settings, you may also want to tweak some things in your personal settings to make grinding for XP that much more manageable.

Take note that adjusting the settings here affects your XP Multiplier. The more settings you adjust to give you the most challenge, the greater the XP Multiplier is. For example, adjusting the Swing Difficulty to Master would render the XP Multiplier to go up significantly.

Since you’d be playing with very easy opponents, you may want to consider adjusting several settings here to bump up the multiplier as much as possible.

Tweak these settings around and see what is comfortable for you. Doing this method can give you an approximated 1020 XP per 18 holes.

After that, just head over to MyCareer and play some courses. Just try to win at everything and complete the course challenges as much as you can. Soon you’d be gathering tons of XP to level up your character as quickly as possible.