Pet Simulator X: How To Unlock Tech World In Roblox

Published: 6 Jun 2022
Time to unlock the Pet World in Roblox Pet Simulator X!

There are plenty of different worlds and pets for players to unlock in Roblox Pet Simulator X. This guide will tell you how to unlock the Tech World in the game.

Pet Simulator X: How To Unlock Tech World In Roblox

The Tech World is the third world of Pet Simulator X and introduces the tech coin currency. As of update 7, Tech World has 11 eggs for players to collect and is most likely based on the Tech Valley. It is the only world where the shop is not listed at the top of the teleportation list.

In order to unlock the Tech World, you must first unlock the Fantasy World as the gate to Tech World requires you to have enough Mystery coins.

You will need 7.5 billion Fantasy coins which is a very large amount but if you upgrade your pets and collect more pets then it might be possible to get the required number of coins.

Once you have enough coins, go to Tech Entry which is a biome in the game located next to the Glacier Biome. Just approach the wall of the Tech World and press E to purchase the entry required to access the area.

Inside the area, you will find a giant tech chest with 5000 trillion HP in the middle of the Tech World. You will also notice a cannon that transports players into the Tech City where they can purchase the Dark Matter version of pets.

You can also access a small area by paying 50,000 tech coins where you will find a Dark Matter machine and a few other things. These Tech coins that you will obtain in this biome can be used to unlock other worlds and realms such as The Backroom, Dark Tech, Steampunk and Axoltol Ocean.

The Tech World has plenty of activities that will probably keep you busy for a long time in the game.

Now go ahead and follow these instructions to unlock the Tech World in Roblox Pet Simulator X!