Peroxide All Shikai Weapons

August 25, 2023
You’ve become a Soul Reaper and want to know which are the best Shikai Weapons for Peroxide? – Let’s find out.

Shikai weapons are interesting weapons that can be wielded only by some races and will these weapons pack a lot of damage with them. The Shikai weapons have unique enchantments and are all different from each other. Picking the right on will definitely give you an advantage over the other ones.

In this guide, we will show you all the Shikai Weapons in Peroxide.

All Shikai Weapons

To start off, in Shikai there are a total of 7 different Shikai weapons. These Shikai weapons are:

  • Lightning Shikai
  • Glacier Shikai
  • Fire Shikai
  • Clone Shikai
  • Gravity Shikai
  • Explosion Shikai
  • Wind Shikai

The Lightning Shikai provides lightning damage that will deal a ton of damage to the opponent and is the highest damage dealing weapon out of all 7 of them.

The Glacier Shikai will freeze the opponent and knock them back on each attack. A very good choice to wield if you want to have a lot of crowd control in each fight.

The Fire Shikai is your typical starter shikai that deals a good amount of single target damage as well as AOE damage.

The Gravity Shikai is only good if you like to deal damage from some far distances.

The Clone Shikai is a very specific weapon choice because it is very difficult to master and in many situations it will not help you out a lot. I suggest trying this weapon for just a few times and not sticking to it.

Explosion and Wind Shikai are very weak weapons. They both work in dealing AOE damage. The explosion Shikai will damage and kock back enemies, the wind Shikai will blow enemies away, slow them and deal a little bit of damage along the way. I suggest leaving these two weapons and not touching them.

And there you have it. Those are all the Shikai weapons that are available in Peroxide. Make sure you pick the most interesting and highest damage dealing Shikai out there to outperform every master and foe.

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