Path Of Exile: How To Unlock 5 Map Slots

August 22, 2022
Want to unlock 5 Map Slots in Path of Exile? Check this article to find out!

After completing the quest Picking Up the Pieces, you will receive a Map Device item. This item has 4 items slots, and the fifth slot can be unlocked by completing the Domain of Timeless Conflict with four emblems used. If you have a hard time unlocking all the slots in your Map Device, then we have covered everything for you.

In this guide, we will show you How to Unlock 5 Map Slots in Path of Exile.

How To Unlock 5 Map Slots

In order to unlock 5 Map Slots, you will need to complete the Domain of Timeless Conflict with four factions, which will unlock the fifth slot for the map device.

There are only 2 steps that you need to follow:

Step 1.

The encounter can be started by activating the map device with 4 or more Timeless Emblems. All you need to do is just simply grab 4x Legion Emblems.

Combine and craft 4 Emblems to be able to open the 5th map slot.

The Emblems that you need are as follows:

  • Timeless Karui Emblem
  • Timeless Vaal Emblem
  • Timeless Eternal Emblem
  • Timeless Maraketh Emblem
  • Timeless Templar Emblem

Once you get it, go in the middle and start the encounter. When the times ends you will be done.

Step 2.

After the group kills all the legion monsters in the map, you will automatically unlock the fifth map device slot. This slot can be used to place one extra scarab or map fragment for more map runs.

The Domain of Timeless Conflict is only accessible by using Emblems in a map device. To open the area, you must use at least two different emblems without duplicates.

The number of the Emblems will affect the area level that you will enter on the map.