Path of Exile: How to Trade

August 27, 2022
Learn how to trade items in Path of Exile.

Path of Exile is a free online-only action adventure RPG game that takes place in a dark fantasy world where the government of Oriath exiles its people to another continent called Wraeclast. Players can choose from one of the seven classes and then fight their way back to Oriath while defeating the ancient gods and enemies during their journey.

This guide will tell you how to trade items in the game.

Path of Exile: How to Trade

How to buy items in Path of Exile

There are two websites where you can buy items in the game: which is the official one and which is the unofficial one.

You can set various filters and options to get the exact item that you are looking for. You need to first select the item that you wish to purchase and then the item that you already have.

For example, if you want to purchase an Exalted Orb then you need to select Exalted Orb in the first section and Chaos Orb in the second section.

It will then display all the players in the game who wish to sell Exalted Orbs in exchange for Chaos Orbs.

You can then send a message to the seller by clicking on the Contact Seller option and then select the number of Exalted Orbs that you wish to purchase.

This will open the game and you will need to press enter to send the message to the seller.

Now the seller can invite you to his party if he is interested in your offer and then you can sell your Chaos Orbs in exchange for the Exalted Orbs.

Do note that there is equity within the trading system because the seller needs to find the items within his stash to have them ready to trade with you. So if you teleport to him, you should keep your currency ready to trade.

After that, you need to wait for him to interact with you and then trade with you first because he might be searching for an item so you shouldn’t rush toward him.

Once the trade is complete, you will receive items on the side and you need to double-check whether the item you have received is the correct one or not. If you are buying items then make sure that you double-check everything you transact online.

When you are trading, make sure to highlight all the items and double-check their stats and the seller should do the same on his side. After you click accept the trade, you will receive your items.

Keep in mind that if you are buying items and the seller doesn’t respond then it means either he is AFK or maybe his price is too cheap for the market and he has already sold it to other people.

If the seller is actually interested in your offer then chances are that he will respond to your message.

It is best to wait for the seller to invite you first and then proceed with the trade since the process can take some time as people are always looking for the cheapest offer.

How to sell items in Path of Exile

Selling items is a bit tricky as you need to have a special stash in your inventory that will allow you to sell items.

You can actually purchase the trade tab from the Microtransaction shop in the game which is called the Premium Stash Tab available for 15 currency points which will cost you $1.50 in real life.

The Premium Stash is not only an enormous stash, but you can also list items from your stash in the market. For example, you can see the Hydrascale Boots being sold from the stash for 13 Chaos Orbs.

It will transfer your sell offer onto online trade websites that we mentioned before so other players will be easily able to search for it if they want.

After unlocking the Premium Stash, you can simply transfer items from your inventory to the stash to list them on the market. Only you can see the items in the premium stash and you will have to manually list them for trade so don’t worry about your items getting stolen.

Once you have the item in the Premium Stash, right-click on the item and then select whether you wish to sell it for the exact price or a negotiable price.

Next, you need to choose the trade currency or item that you wish to receive in exchange for selling your item. Most people prefer to buy items using Chaos Orbs.

Enter the number of items that you wish to receive and then press the Tick button to list it for sale on the market. This will now be automatically listed on trading websites for Path of Exile.

If someone gets interested in purchasing your item, you will receive a message from them and then you can invite them to your party to complete the transaction.

In case no one is buying your items then you can lower the price to make the deal sound more lucrative and appealing to other players and then hopefully you will get some offers.

Do note that people can only see the items that you have listed for sale if your character is online. This is because the game only allows online characters to trade with each other.

That’s it, now go ahead and trade some items in the game!