Paragon The Overprime: How To Use Controllers

Paragon: The Overprime is a newly released free team-based action TPS MOBA in which players can choose their powerful hero and fight together with their teammates in the Prime battlefield. Many of the players were asking if is it possible to use controllers because there is no official info about controller support, but fortunately, you can still use a controller and we will show you how.

Keep reading our guide, and find out How to Use Controllers in Paragon: The Overprime!

How To Use Controllers – Paragon The Overprime

In order to use controllers in Paragon: The Overprime, you have to go first into your steam account, and there open it in Big Picture Mode.

From there, go to settings and click on Controller Settings.

In the Controller Settings, make sure that you have your controller selected and that is detected. Make sure to use something compatible. If you have an Xbox controller, then have to select Xbox Configuration Support.

From here, go back to the main window of your Steam, and go to Library after you detected your controller.

Go to the Games menu from the bar on the left and find Paragon: The Overprime.

Select your game, and in its profile click on Manage to open the settings.

In the settings window, you will see Steam Input on top, and make sure to open Controller Configuration.

Here you will be able to configure all the controls. Also, you can go to browse configs, and then select the community where you can find some of the best configurations that most of the players are using.

There you can see a whole lot of different controller configurations that have the most play time and votes, and you can freely choose each of them.

Make sure to pick a configuration that is most comfortable for you no matter what other players are using mostly.

 You’re obviously going to be at a huge disadvantage using a controller to play Overprime as it’s not official controller support and there is no input based matchmaking as you would see in games like Smite and Paladins, and most of the time you will play against mouse and keyboard players who are going to be faster and more accurate with everything they do.

Proceed with caution when playing with the controller, and also you’re not going to see any controller icons for your abilities or actives and anything like that because it all still going to be showing keyboard presses because this is just Steam basically emulating the keyboard to your controller.

Hopefully, when Overprime is fully released and more fleshed out, we might see official controller support and input based matchmaking with crossplay as that would be the dream of every fan on the game.