Palia Palium Ore, Palium Ore Spawn Locations

August 16, 2023
Want to know more about where the Palium Ore can be found in Palia? Stick around to find out!

Palia continues to get various updates. The mining professions is surely one of those very good professions that will take you deep inside the caves of Palia and challenge you to look for various ores.

Today, we will be covering more about the Palium Ore and show you exactly where you can find it and where its spawn location points are.

Palium Ore, Palium Ore Spawn Locations

Palium is one of the rarest resources that you can find in all of the mines in Palia.

Palium ore is an essential ore that you need to find and use to upgrade your tools to the highest quality material so they can be more durable, more effective and they will also allow you to mine and scavenge for other materials that used to be unavailable for you.

How To Start Mining Palium?

In order to start mining Palium, you will need to increase your Mining Skill to level 6 or higher.

Once you’ve reached level 6 in mining, you will automatically unlock the Fine Pick which is located in the Mining Guild Store.

With the Fine Pick, you can start mining Iron and Palium.

Where To Find Palium Ore?

To begin your journey in locating Palium Ore, you can to make your way over to the Bahari Portal or go to the fast travel billboard in your starter area and go to the Bahari – Central Stables area.

Once you are there, you will have a lot of places to explore. However, to make life easier, here is a fan-made map that shows you exactly where you can find all Palium ores in this area.

Be advised that you can make a route starting from the very south part of the area where the Windy Ruins are and end up all the way to the top and harvest all of your Palia ores.

We specifically chose the Bahari Bay for this ore as there are a lot more Palia ores there rather than other areas.

If you ever wanted to reset the palium ore spawns or “speed them up”, you can always log out of the game and lock back in. This will create a phase in the game where you could be in the same area but in a different zone which has more Palium ore.

And there you have it. That is where you can find Palium ore and all of the spawn locations for it.


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