Palia Garden Planner Guide

August 16, 2023
Want to know what the best Garden Planner is for you in Palia? Well check out this guide to find out!

Palia is a very interesting MMORPG made with a ton of features. These features allow you to complete missions, customize your character and even obtain skill levels which will help you increase the number of materials that you get and help you become a stronger overall character.

Additionally, in this guide, we will go through the gardening skill and introduce you to the best Garden Planner for Palia.

Garden Planner Guide

Why Is Gardening Important?

Gardening is very important in Palia because it will help you obtain a lot of materials that are used in crafting as well as cooking.

Another very important thing to note about farming is that it is going to help you get a ton of money even if you are not actually playing the game. Simply set up your garden and make yourself the best farm out there.

How To Unlock Gardening?

In order to unlock Gardening in Palia, you will need to head over to the Kilima village and locate Badruu who is your gardening NPC and will teach you the basics of gardening and unlock the skill itself for you.

To find Badruu, you want to open up your map and look just west from the Kilima Village and north from the Leafhopper Hills.

In that small block, with just a few buildings is where you will find Badruu and interact with him.

Once you are there, speak with Badruu and purchase your first set of Soil and begin your gardening adventures.

How To Start Gardening?

Now that you’ve obtained yourself some soil, all you need to do now is find some seeds to plant in that soil and officially begin gardening.

Ti find seeds in Palia, you can go to the General Store in almost any village and purchase different types of seeds.

One of the best seeds to start off with are Cotton and Tomato. Cotton seeds will allow you to get cotton and help you progress your character until you’ve obtained a glider which can help you roam around areas much quicker.

The tomatoes can be harvested pretty quickly and you can do it multiple times a day which will help you obtain a bunch of gold pretty fast and allow you to get more soil to expand your garden.

The Cotton seeds actually increase the quality of nearby crops, and the Tomato seeds help keep other nearby crop types hydrated.

Start off by getting the following set of seeds to begin your gardening adventures flawlessly:

  • X4 Tomato Plant Seeds
  • X2 Potato Plant Seeds
  • X2 Rice Seeds
  • X1 Wheat Seeds

With the seeds now purchased, go in the open field and place down your soil which then needs to be hoed down with your gardening hoe.

There are a few combinations that you can use in order to boost all of the nearby crops that are placed in your soil.

Here is one strategy that you can use in order to boost all of your crops, it requires:

  • X4 Tomato Plant Seeds
  • X2 Potato Plant Seeds
  • X2 Rice Seeds
  • X1 Wheat Seeds

 To speed up the harvesting process, I highly recommend you getting a Fine Watering Can which will help you water nine crops at once.

I highly recommend you repeating the same process with the above mentioned seeds until you’ve leveled up your gardening for quite some time and gotten more soil.

Add more cotton around those plants to increase their quality so they can be sold for more money.

Once you’ve leveled up to a higher level, you will eventually unlock the QualityUp Fertilizer.

This fertilizer will drastically change the way you are farming and will increase your overall gardening skills by a lot.

To fertilize your crops, simply get your QualityUp Fertilizer and just left click the crops which will reveal a highlighted area that will indicate which crop can be fertilized.

What is the best time to plant crops in your garden?

Each day at 06:00 AM a growing tick will occur in Palia which will grow your plants. We highly recommend you to plant your seeds before 06:00 AM so you don’t miss out on extra crops.

Otherwise, if you plant them later, you will miss out on a full growing cycle and wait a whole day.

What Are These Crops Used For?

Each of these crops are used to create different things. That is why you will need to build up each machine for each profession and look around the things you want to make.

That will give you a specific schematic on which crops you want to grow.

To sum things up

As you continue your gardening journey in Palia, you will see how slowly but surely you will end up making your own patterns for crops which are efficient and effective.

As you get more soil, different crops will overlap with each other and eventually create a ton of boosts in your farm.

But at the very start, we highly recommend you start off with the first ever gardening schematic that we showed you which is the:

  • X4 Tomato Plant Seeds
  • X2 Potato Plant Seeds
  • X2 Rice Seeds
  • X1 Wheat Seeds

With this schematic, you will have a great boost in your gardening and increase your skill in gardening dramatically.

And there you have it. Those are some of the best Garden Planner tips and tricks that are out there for Palia.


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