Overwatch 2: How to Turn off Text Chat [Solution]

October 11, 2022
Time to turn off that annoying chat in Overwatch 2.

In Overwatch 2 there is a lot of competition where players need to communicate with their team in order to be stronger together and make a perfect tactic for winning. Communication is key to winning in this game. Sometimes these players can be annoying and wire nonsense. The best way for that is to mute them.

This guide will show you how to turn off the chat in Overwatch 2.

How to Turn off Text Chat [Solution] – Overwatch 2

Open up your game and go to the Settings menu. From here, you want to head over to the Social tab and press on the Text menu on the side.

Another window will open up with a few text settings that you can mess around with. As well as being able to turn off the chat in-game.

Here you can turn off your whispers and even the group chat. Simply turn off whatever you like to make your games slightly less annoying sometimes.