Overwatch 2: How to FIX Aim

October 10, 2022
Aim for victory in Overwatch 2!

Overwatch 2 has recently been released and fans have been celebrating Overwatch’s revival. Many features from Overwatch 1 carry over into 2, such as any progression on characters and owned skins. However, Overwatch 2’s launch is not without any hiccups. Players have been reporting that their aim feels off or floaty, and as this is a shooter game aim is a crucial part of gameplay. Blizzard has yet to address this issue but some players have found a workaround for it in the meantime.

Here’s how to fix your aim in Overwatch 2.

How To FIX Overwatch 2 Aim

Many players feel like there’s some input delay or floaty aim in their games. Thankfully there are some adjustments you can make to make gameplay feel better. Open your Options from the menu and head to the Video section.

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Check your video settings and see if the following are set to their optimal settings:

  • Dynamic Render Scale should be set to off.
  • Triple Buffering should be set to off.
  • Reduce Buffering should be turned on.
  • Set your graphics quality to Medium or Low.

Next, in the Gameplay tab:

  • At the very bottom, Enable High Precision Mouse Input should be turned on.

And finally in the Controls tab:

  • Click on Advanced to drop down more options and then change Aim Smoothing from 100% to 0%.

Apparently, some of the controller settings are bleeding into the mouse and keyboard inputs and affecting aiming from there. This ensures that it no longer occurs.

And that’s how to fix your aim in Overwatch 2.