Overwatch 2: How To Fix Account Merge Not Working

October 7, 2022
Here’s a guide on How To Fix Account Merge Not Working in Overwatch 2!

In Overwatch 2 players are able to merge accounts and transfer their skins, emotes, achievements, statistics, and more to the latest iteration of Blizzard’s popular shooter, but if you are facing the problem with account merge not working, don’t worry because you are not the only one, and fortunately, we have a solution for this issue that will help you fix it immediately.

Keep reading our guide, and find out How to Fix Account Merge Not Working in Overwatch 2!

How To Fix Account Merge Not Working – Overwatch 2

The problem with account merging in Overwatch 2, most probably appears if you haven’t linked your console account to your Battle.net account. On the other side, if you have linked it, you have to wait for the items to transfer over to Overwatch 2.

This also happens to take a bit longer than usual because the player database is overloaded and many players are complaining about the issue on the Blizzard forum.

In order to fix this issue, there are a few methods that you have to follow.

Link your console account to Battle.net

To do this, there are a few steps to follow:

1.Log in to Overwatch from your console account.

2. Follow the instructions and scan a QR code on your mobile phone.

3. Enter the code on your console to create your Blizzard Battle.net Account.

4. Confirm your account in the next game login to merge your accounts.

Take note that only one account per platform can be linked. If players have two accounts on the different platforms of PC, Xbox, PS, or Switch, then they will be able to merge only one of them.

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Wait for the items to be transferred

As devs say, in the other half of the reported cases for this issue, sometimes it takes a bit longer than expected for items from the original Overwatch to transfer and populate in Overwatch 2. However, in all cases, no player data has been wiped or lost.

From Blizzard, they send info that the player database is overloaded, and might take a longer time for your Overwatch 2 items to transfer over to Overwatch 2. They are investigating the issue and are deploying a client-side fix in the next few weeks.

There is nothing to worry bout because they guarantee that no player data has been wiped or lost.

Open a Support Ticker

To do so, follow the steps below:

1.Open the following link: https://us.battle.net/support/en/help/product/overwatch.

2. Write a description for your issue and click on “Continue”.

3. In the next window click on “I Still need help”.

4. Select Account, then “Not listed here”.

5. Click on “Contact Us”.

6. Describe your issue again and submit the web ticket.

If players are still facing the “Merge Accounts Not Working” error, then the next step is to check the Overwatch 2 servers if there is any problem announced by the developers.

If the servers are up and everything is fine, then you have to check your connectivity, or in the worst case reinstall the game and fix the corrupted files if there are any.