Overwatch 2 : How To Fix 0xE00101B0

February 9, 2023
Time to play some Overwatch 2!

Overwatch 2 is now in full swing as players are playing with their beloved heroes in this long awaited 5v5 PvP shooter. Overwatch 2 brings back all of our favorite characters and maps, along with some new additions. As a new game launches, it is unavoidable to encounter some bugs every now and again. For some gamers playing on PC, they experience a blank screen before crashing. And then they are greeted by the error “General Error 0xE00101B0”. There are some ways to fix it that we will show down below!

Here’s how to fix the 0xE00101B0 general error in Overwatch 2!

How To Fix 0xE00101B0 – Overwatch 2

Before you start any troubleshooting, check first if the Overwatch 2 servers are up and running. If it is under maintenance or is unavailable for other reasons then you may encounter 0xE00101B0 general error.

A very quick solution would be to update your graphics card. It’s the most basic step to any error you encounter in your games. An outdated graphics card would cause conflicts with Overwatch 2’s graphics and lead to the 0xE00101B0 general error.

To update your graphics card, simply go to the Device Manager on your PC and search for any updates for your graphics card.

Once it’s up to date, you can restart your PC to enact any changes and try out Overwatch 2 again. 

If that doesn’t work, the next solution should be to update your Windows and make sure it is on the latest and greatest version. Type “Windows Update“ on your Windows search bar and the updater should appear.

Click on the “Download & install all button“ on the upper right and wait for it to finish.

Once that is over with, restart your PC and it should be ready to play Overwatch 2!