Overwatch 2: How To Earn Overwatch Coins For Free

October 5, 2022
Learn how to get free Overwatch Coins and unlock the Battle Pass!

Overwatch 2, the much-awaited successor to the popular multiplayer shooter Overwatch is finally here. This free-to-play title allows you to engage in 5 v 5 team-based combat and choose from a wide range of 30 heroes as you showcase your shooting skills by participating in the different game modes.

Overwatch coins are the premium currency present in the game and they can be used to purchase cosmetic items such as skins and emotes as well as the new battle pass added in the game.

This guide will tell you how to earn Overwatch Coins for free in the game.

How To Earn Overwatch Coins For Free – Overwatch 2

There are currently two ways to get Overwatch coins, you can either buy them directly from the shop or complete weekly challenges to earn them.

To access the weekly challenges section, go to the main menu and click on the Challenges section.

Here you will find all types of challenges ranging from daily, weekly, competitive, lifetime and hero.

Click on the Weekly tab and you will find the challenges on the right side. Completing these challenges will help you earn Overwatch coins and you will get 10-30 coins depending on the number of challenges that you manage to complete.

Below are the total number of challenges and the coins you receive for completing them:

  • Complete 4 Weekly Challenges: 30 coins
  • Complete 8 Weekly Challenges: 20 coins
  • Complete 11 Weekly Challenges: 11 coins

This means that you can complete a total of 11 challenges per week and receive 60 coins for your efforts.

For comparison, the Overwatch Battle Pass costs 1000 coins which means that it going to be a while before you manage to unlock it for free, approximately 4 and ½ months.

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Each Battle Pass is only available for 2 months so you will need to grind for 2 seasons before you can get your hands on the Battle Pass for free.

If you are running out of patience then you can also purchase Overwatch coins directly from the store for the following prices:

  • $4.99 = 500 Overwatch Coins
  • $9.99 = 1000 Overwatch Coins
  • $19.99 = 2,200 Overwatch Coins
  • $49.99 = 5,700 Overwatch Coins
  • $99.99 = 11,600 Overwatch Coins

That’s it, now go ahead and complete some weekly challenges to earn some free coins!